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Renich photo

This is me. I'm alone in this facet; making music as I imagine it. Most of my songs are made in the middle of the night (that's the reason for my first album's title); while this side of the world sleeps.

There are no complications in most songs. It's plain simple... maybe even minimal.

I am a person that's a bit introspective and analytic. I like thinking about the universe... this world... this society and my place among them.

Music is my life and I enjoy hearing it and making it. I'm my #1 fan!

This is my serious part. For those who know me, will be very intrigued and surprised about this facet of mine since I'm not serious at all!

Also, check out my band at:

You can donate using Bitcoin as well: 1K7FEkbvBtMvtyT7S3RrPjuqWuJWfgUZBa

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