Despise & Conquer

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DESPISE & CONQUER has been established by producer/keyboardist Sascha Risseler (Eternal Dirge, Ninnghizhidda, Stormgarde) in May 2008.

The commando is completed by the following great musicians and friends:
Mario Bergermann (Paranoiz, Citizen Kain) – guitar
Daniel Stöckner (Stormgarde, Treasury) – guitar
Andre Saborowski (Paranoiz) - bass
Udo Erwig (Paranoiz) - vocals
Henning Lanczek (Ninnghizhidda, Starseed, Rectificated, Citizen Kain, Yethlyreom ) – drums

You’re asking what to expect? Guess what: METAL! COME AND GET IT!!!

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