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The Easton Ellises are an emerging dance-rock 4 man band from Montreal, Canada which blossomed from a previous electronic music project called Stereomovers.   The founding Easton Ellises duo, Alex D and Simon Roy, toured though a good part of Europe doing in the early 2000s,  travelling from gig to gig with just samplers and microphones.   After moderate success as the Stereomovers, the duo decided to take their musical ambitions to another level, and so started The Easton Ellises project September of 2011.
This new project takes an alternative road by going the way of open collaboration, sharing and a creative commons music model.   Their 10th release called "Dance it, Dance all" was downloaded over 100k times and remixed by 30+ artists from all over the globe.  The band successfully crowd funded the money required for the pressing of a limited edition 12" vinyl with the best 6 remixes pressed onto wax along side the original version and the Motel Costes acoustic mix. In 2013, their song "So Good Inside" has been selected for Coca Cola's campaign 52 doses of happiness.

The last 9 months have been spent in studio working on the upcoming Easton Ellises EP "Nightwaves".  Its release is scheduled for June 2014. 




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