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mark.nine photo
Marcus Gutierrez (Mark.Nine) is an independent electronic music composer from Texas. Although only became interested in the electronica scene early 2006, Marcus has already released five albums, some of which include some of his early works from 2005 with his net-label I/O.

He became interested in computers early 1996 and began learning ways to fix them by 1998. He was also a musician and could play instruments such as the Guitar and the Violin (Both of which he taught himself). It wasn't until 2004 that he found a program that combined the computers and music and became interested in the fact that he could easily create music from his own computer.

Marcus has released several albums to friend and family before releasing them to the general public. His album Infrastructure contains select pieces from previous albums, and others that were never released were recently included in his newer album "B-Sides and Rarities".
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