• Ursprung: Frankreich - Bordeaux / Limoges
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  • Existiert seit: Jan 1, 1997
  • Profil erstellt von: Geoffroy

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The band was founded in 1996 in Limoges around the bass player Geoffroy Vincens and the guitarist Jacques Malinvaud. The first achieved project of the band is the album La Chute, which was written and recorded between November 1997 and April 1998, with the help of the singer Marie Golfier. The recording conditions, quite rudimentary, didn't allow the diffusion of this album.

For faculty reasons, Chrysalide ceased its activity during year 1998. It is in the course of 2003 that the project came back to life, in order to record the opus called Après la Chute, third album of the trilogy that was initialy planned. The recording sessions took place in Bordeaux between february and november 2004. Subsequently to the advice of their surroundings, Jacques and Geoffroy decided to diffuse their work.

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