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Orxata Sound System is a musical collective born in 2003 in the city of Valencia with the aim of merging electronic dance music with traditional Valencian singing.
In their repertoire we can find from electro, techno and drum&bass rythms to ragga, dub and hip hop.
The current collective consists of four singers, a trumpeter, a bassist and a programmer/sampler.
In 2006 the band won the Revelation Band award from the Premis Ovidi Montllor with their demo "orxata" and in 2008 with their debut album "1.0" -the lyrics of which were edited by users of its Web through a wiki- have won the Ovidi Montllor as Best Rock-Pop Album.
Since 2003 they are making available all their work on the Internet under Creative Commons licenses, allowing them to performance from Perpignan to Morocco, through much of the Catalan-speaking area.

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