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von Alexander Franke


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  • Veröffentlicht: Oct 18, 2011

Hello everybody!

After my last album, which had a completely different style than all the other ones, I now come back to my roots of music: Improvised piano play. In the last time there were many ideas coming into my mind; so this album is a bright mixture of different moods and feelings, collected in improvised songs played on nothing but the piano. My friends told me that some songs sound like soundtracks of a movie. I like that opinion, but it's up to you to decide wether you think that's true or not. But that is one reason why I named the album like I did: Everything we remember, as well as in movies, is gone. It's just echoes and pictures in frames we keep in our minds, as well as this music and the pictures you see while listening to it. 

Well, whats new in it? It contains two atonal songs: Atonality is a great way to express feelings, situations, but best pictures completely free from any harmonic frames. So make your own interpretation and share it with me by writing a review.

Enjoy this bundle of piano sounds and let your thoughts drift away!
Alex Franke.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Because I do improvised piano music, it may happen that I subliminally use parts of melodies that already exist. Please tell me about those cases or if you feel violated in your copyrights and I will delete the according song immediately from my album!
Improvised music is a very great kind of music but I think you can imagine that - as a musician - you cannot switch off all the musical influences you get day after day and so it happens that you create songs that may sound like some stuff you heard before.
PS: Many thanks to "Last Soundtrack" for creating this wonderful font! Visit >< for more information.
(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

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One whole hour of extra sensitive beauty!

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Oct 21, 2011

I am moved by the music . . this piano touches me to the core . . . Such a sweet impression where blue skies appear from behind the dark clouds . . . the wind rustles the leaves and they seem to dance to the melodies . . . the shadows of my mind stand out in stark relief . . . like cutouts of the night sky .. . studded with stars an entirety of eternity blooms there, and fills the gaps, with the emotion of the music, tenderly touching the heart of me . . . "butterflies" . . . thousands of fluttering wings . .. a universe of rainbows . .. the colors, like daubs of brilliant paint . .. wisps and nuances . . . an expression of joyous life . . . the taste for the sweet and a hue of delight . . the delicate design of creation . . . a beauty of infinite, intimate love . . . "whisper" the sweetness of silence . .. just a little bit is more . . . tender love expressed so near, so clearly . . so quietly, like a thought that wafts across the room, like a feather in the breeze . .. Although I prefer the melodic pieces over the atonal . . . I do appreciate the mesmerizing poetic sides to pieces like, "monsters," or "confused." I am not a big fan of that style of piano, but I really loved those . . . as a matter of fact I loved this whole album, from beginning to end and all over again . . . I have been listening to it for a few days since it came out . .. I am really surprised that nobody has reviewed it yet . . . Improvisational piano like this is often so tenderly emotional with a lot of feelings expressed through the various methods that piano fingers, plus a heart, can do . . . I just loved this music . . . and it was so satisfying to have a full length album to listen to . . . thank you, Alexander, so much for sharing . . .

Good album

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Oct 22, 2011

Very nice piano, music well done

I guess that the keyboard would constitute a problem...

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Oct 22, 2011

but I often think that the piano should have been originally conceived with the shape of a heart. And coming to think of it, it's nearly there. If there's an instrument that by itself can move and bend a heart, it's the piano. And adding the fact that the degree of difficulty it takes to play it is high, the more has to be valued any honest effort of creation, moreover when... and it is the case... improvisation is part of the process. Of course that, not all the compositions in this album are "heart breakers", so to speak... and I also know that the piano is intended to larger purposes than my selfish personal tastes... but, this is also just a conceptual idea of an opinion to suit a purpose and somehow reflects the state of mind that, overall, this album suggests in my mind. To every head, a different sentence... however and to all, I'm sure, an unequivocal quality.

superbe album

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Nov 2, 2011

Douces mélodies qui mettent du baume au coeur.

Merveilleux !!

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Oct 23, 2011

Tout en douceur et sensibilité !! Que ça fait du bien à l'âme !! belles mélodies, légères et intenses à la fois. merci pour ce doux partage

Just GREAT, i like it.

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Oct 23, 2011


Хороший альбом

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Oct 27, 2011


Impresionante suenan las primeras notas... !!!

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Oct 22, 2011

... y un suspiro de emoción me recorre todo el cuerpo ... felicidades ... un 10 por esta música tan bien compuesta..!!!