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  • Veröffentlicht: 15.03.2006
Las canciones las hice hace años, por el 97 mas o menos, es lo unico que quedo despues de un pequeño accidente...
Para todos ustedes
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Excelent, beautiful

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I love it!!!

A Little bit simple-Original songs

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Good sounds good intros, but not very good, very simple, but probably it's minimalist house no ? or progressive house (landscapes) Original songs ! i like some intro and quality of sounds (interferences-elastic..) I like much your cover too. Buena continuación. Kingarsus (trance progressive)

not super original

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but not boring either as a previous reviewer suggests. I'm not a big fan of this style of music but seems competent and easy to listen to.

Boring - Sorry

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I stopped listening to this album after the skipping into the first 4 songs. They all start the same. Beats build up slowly. Simple repetitive melodies, very simple beats - and i don't mean minimal. I do like minimal electro. I'd rather call this trance than electronica. But that's my opinion. Sorry. I might have liked it ten years ago when i was 15. Now i find it pretty boring.