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  • Veröffentlicht: 23.08.2006
'Magnetic II' is the latest release by Canada's Magnetic.

'Magnetic II' is a 12 song release that combines Mark Weiler's (the main Magnetic guy) love of electronic music with a more earthy, acoustic vibe.  This shift in sound can be traced back to the last album, [the magnetic north], where these new sounds began to find there way in to the mix. 

When Mark began writing the album his intention was to not stray as far from the original Magnetic sound as he did.  However, when the first version of the disc was completed, Mark was not satisfied.  He felt that there was not enough life in the songs, that they needed more urgency and drive.  With this goal in mind, Mark began re-doing various elements of the original recordings (especially the drums) to give them a more 'live' sound.  During this phase of the project a number of new songs also emerged, bringing the original 10 song tracklist to around 20!  (That is why an outtakes album is also in the works)

Now that Magnetic II has been released, Mark intends to asemble a live band to perform as many shows as possible.  You can expect to see this happen sometime around March or April of next year, due to unavoidable work commitments that will have Mark out of the country for a few months.
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Super album !!!!

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Un très bon album, d'un niveau nettement supérieur aux deux premiers qui étaient déjà bons. Les promesses que j'avais placés en vous sont devenues des certitudes : vous avez un potentiel énorme ! Ici encore, c'est un très bon album électronique satiné de pop et de rock, ce qui donne quelque chose de très bon, vraiment très agréable à écouter. L'instrumentation est bonne, vous avez trouvé le bon dosage entre l'instrumentation électronqiue et l'instrumentation dite classique. Les mélodies sont vraiment toutes très belles et sont bien rythmées. Magnétic ; c'est comme du vin, ça se bonifie avec le temps... Un très bon alubm, vraiment : bravo
On The Mission From God

''post-rock'' meets ''dream pop''

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david aubrun

electro monotone

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vraiment pas mon état d'esprit musicale; mais je trouves qu'il y a du travail, dommage encore une fois que le son soit un peu étouffé, il manque un peu de feutrage ! bonne continuation ;