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  • Veröffentlicht: 10.10.2009
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Buen álbum

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Trabajo agradable, voz que seduce, música amena y con buen ritmo... Hay momentos que me recuerda al rock alternativo que planteaba The Cure. Me ha gustado en especial "Air Guantanamo", “No Words” y “This Manifesto”. Enhorabuena.

Great Vocals That Are Sexy, Strong, Compelling Let Alone Bewitching, With Good Lyrics. & Great Alternative, Rock, Indie Music..To Match

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A really nice, sweet,hypnotic,captivating,strong,compelling,irresistible,sexy,bewitching,vocals. And lyrics that are interesting and make you smile, let alone want to tap your toes along to the tune of each and every track played and with this guy singing them. Music that is infectious,atmospheric-al,energy filled, catchy,alternative, rock, indie sounding. But I must admit. I agree with Yachar review, they do remind me of the band "Cure" at times, with the lyrics, the guys voice and the music in general. But all in all a good solid band in general that should go far..