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  • Veröffentlicht: 20.12.2010
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A Fresh Sound To Jamendo

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Some groups just have their own unique sound, and to me, Frontregen has just that. There are two vocalists, but the female does the majority of the singing. "Sinking, Enemy Inside, Thought, I know You" are all excellent examples of vocal range and a near throat singing sound. My personal favorites are "Stories, Get Up Get Out Get On, and finally Run Stop Hide." This is a well produced effort, and with a tad more tweaking I do believe we will be hearing a lot more of this group! Thank you for coming to Jamendo to share this with us all!


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I liked! Thank you. Fine voice and nice athmosphere.

Stunning new group . . . I'm ready to go watch them in action!

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I think there is an excellent new Jamendo group to be found in "frontregen." I was especially struck by the wonderful vocals which were perfectly balanced with the rock music . . . the guitar, keyboard and the percussion. . . Both of the singers had very nice voices. The female had a soft and tender voice . . . ethereal and mystical but very clear . . . she was very good at playing with the sounds in her throat and projecting the words of the poetry. She did the majority of the singing and was quite dreamy sounding as she expressed the emotions of the lyrics ... .. .... very nice! The male had a well controlled and flexible sound to his vocals, but sang very little. They lyrics also stand out as fitting in with today's standards of music . . . . this indie group has excellent cohesion and a perfect sound . . . I especially loved the melody of "get up, get out, get on" which just flew away with my heart .. . beautiful: "around, around, up and down . . . take a colour, make it shine." Simple lyrics but so catchy and delightful and the music was so stunning . . . that guitar really caught fire in this song. Overall this is an excellent sound . . . this group would be outstanding to listen to and watch on stage . . . but I am sure hoping that they share more on this stage: Jamendo . . . We are going to love them !!!! - M^^W -