playlist artwork#12 this weekEllipsis III: Tunguska​.​Across​.​Sphere. vol​.​3

von Tunguska Electronic Music Society


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  • Veröffentlicht: Jul 2, 2011

Catalog#: TUN 023DD
Compilation: Tunguska EMS & Vitaly Ryabkov (Vsadnik)
Mastering: Artem Dragunov & TC6000
Artwork: Denis Shkanov (Darg Sodrag)

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND

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Max Loginov


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Jul 5, 2011

Another piece of ear-pleasure from Tunguska !!
Samuel Rockingham

très intéressant!

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Jul 5, 2011

certaines pistes comme: "evening glow" ou "the rain" me font beaucoup penser au jeu "nightsky"! des musiques aux ambiances très tonifiantes (comme "night city" ou "piece of summer") en un mot: réussi! j'ai mis 8 parce que je trouve que le côté jazzy est un peu trop présent à mon gout... PS: ma préférée reste quand-même: "more than friends"==> très bien interprétée et très bonne petite musique! good job :p
A.lin Aquascape


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Jul 6, 2011

Музыка - класс, качающая, вкусная, изысканная... муррр)
Darg Sodrag


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Jul 7, 2011

Summer essence, no less! Pulsing breeze and sea waves, soft sun and total relaxation...

Peace...Tranqulity & Your Equilibrium Are Take & Guilded & Healed....& Made To Feel Bliss..Euphoria & Simply Happiness...

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Jul 14, 2011

Advanced dreams..close your eyes..and drift of into another realm another dimension another time...and feel the delightful vibs and vibrations..tinkle and glow and resonate divinely inside you and all over the smoothing. but lightly stimulating music..takes hold..and guides you...on your travels..into this world... As you cruise control with such passion,awareness and aural and audio perfections..and good use of vocals and music as well... To direct you and succumb and bath you inside glory of goodness..heavens door way is opened up..and you are exploring it from inside your dreams.. You are surrounded by rainbows and coloured lights and a aura of harmony and goodness. that takes you over..and makes you feel euphoria, bliss and sheer happiness all in a one. The bass is like a carpet beneath your feet..that carries you along in time to the melody and beats... Ecstasy is an other statement... Peace...and tranquility and your equilibrium..are healed and contained inside this beautiful album of impeccable soundscapes... its like a day dream of passages into worlds and tv and ads and news articles...

Good album

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Jul 11, 2011

This album is more complex than others. I love "Aleksey Chistilin - When You Smile" because I feel the emotion.


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Jan 26, 2013

so wonderful music. lucid dream!

Buen álbum

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Sep 18, 2011

Exelente para escucharlo mientras miro fotografías

bon album

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Oct 1, 2011

je me permet une petite remarque sur un titre. Fushigi - Tonight : le morceau est vraiment superbe, mais hélas, je trouve que la batterie est vraiment trop présente... Merci en tout cas !

Хороший альбом

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Sep 4, 2011

Very Good!