playlist artwork#12 this weekTunguska Summer Solstice Vol.1

von Tunguska Electronic Music Society


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  • Veröffentlicht: 07.12.2011

Catalog#: TUN 021DD
Compilation: Tunguska EMS & Denis Shkanov (Darg Sodrag)
Mastering: Artem Dragunov & TC6000
Artwork: edwardzeradical

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution-NoDerivs CC BY-ND

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Max Loginov


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great compilations. sounds very nice

Good album

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My day @ work place has started with this album today ( into 4th track now ) I already feel a lot different and better than yesterday, as if I am back in my zone after a while. Thanks Tunguska and Jamendo.


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Salve Tunguska TOP music Winner prevision Jamendo Ardwars. Bye

Profound, Breathtaking & Peaceful...Love, Hope, Faith, Goodness & Tranquility..Ying & Yang Of Everything...Universal..Human & Utopia

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The summer solstice at Stonehenge in England...When one stands within circle at Stonehenge, but facing north-east.... through the entrance .. towards the heeling stones, one sees the sun rise.. above the stones at summer solstice... you are in totally awe and breathless and speechless... and stuck... in a moment in time..that hypnotizes you...bless you and rejuvenates you.. and you become one... with nature and spirituality...and the past..and our ancestors past to name a few things.....bask in side the goodness. peace and overwhelming tranquility,harmony and graceful smoothness...of stress free unlimitless time and space..the yin and yang of everything that meets at Summer at this special time of year..

Peaceful . . . Healing

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Music binds the seams of the tent against the raging storms against the turbulent night .. .. giving peace and a place to rest . .. to share the light and the tales laying on gentle hands for the spiritual touch and healing . . .