playlist : Summertime, finally!


Summertime, finally!

As usual we've got the shiny tunes to match with the good summer vibes! Advice: don't stay on the computer, take this outside on your smartphone or tablet and enjoy it in the sun!

album : World Premiere: Nightwavs EP


The Easton EllisesWorld Premiere: Nightwavs EP

Our Canadian dance-rock heroes are already back to blow your mind with an exclusive release, only on Jamendo! With 80's synths, soaring guitars and anthemic choruses, those guys are here to make you dance until you collapse!

album : The Swing of Things


Paolo PavanThe Swing of Things

Long-time Jamendo contributor Paolo Pavan is one of the finest jazz artists we know, possibly one of the best in Southern Europe! On his new album, he comes out swinging with plethora of talented musicians in a fantastic swirl of swing!

album : 37 Reasons


Sam Brown37 Reasons

Sam Brown is only 18 years old but with such mature songs and such a powerful voice, he's on his way to greater things. Don't miss his live performance if he comes to your town!




You will hear how much this French trio worships Weezer, Daft Punk, vintage analog synths and techno rhythms! I'M FRESH! YOU'RE PRETTY! turns electronic music into rock and punk into disco. It's bold, exhilarating and irresistible!

playlist : 2014 World Cup: the Brazilian playlist!


2014 World Cup: the Brazilian playlist!

Aaah, it’s that time of year… Everybody is going to talk about football/soccer for one month straight! Here we give you a reason to change the topic of discussion: discover our favorite Jamendo artists from Brazil!

album : Soundstatues



The Brooklyn-based musician returns with a self-titled EP, on which his tormented pop-rock melodies and introspective lyrics take a stronger emotional depth.

album : Thoola



After a couple of critically-acclaimed EPs, Czech indie quintet Thoola are breaking away from their folk beginnings on this debut self-titled album, blending with great mastery their distinctive sound with influences drawing from post-punk and alternative rock.

album : Wild Goats and Useless Heroes


The Freak Fandango OrchestraWild Goats and Useless Heroes

We have our own gypsy-punk band on Jamendo! The Freak Fandango Orchestra is a group of totally passionate, inventive and audacious musicians that never hesitate to explore various styles such as folk, punk, polka or gypsy music, like their main influences Gogol Bordello or Emir Kusturica. An explosive mixture straight from Barcelona!

album : Lightning


Tamara LaurelLightning

Tamara Laurel’s musical journey has been a lifetime in the making, leading to the release of "Lightning", her very first foray into recorded music, and also producing. Drawing from the rich southern culture, Tamara has shaped her rootsy, Americana sound over the years, resulting in those subtle, marvellous country-tinged acoustic gems.

album : Confusion Will Pass


Figures in MotionConfusion Will Pass

Formed in 2010, French trio Figures In Motion is finally releasing their first full-length album "Confusion Will Pass", a fascinating post-rock electronic effort. Though highly influenced by Radiohead (circa "Kid A"/"Amnesiac"), the band displays a solid ability to create their own musical universe and never ceases to impress. The future is bright for them!

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