playlist : Work-out



Five mile run or powerhouse fitness session? Push-ups, crunches or pumping iron? Whatever you're into, outdoors or indoors, this playlist will highly motivate your work-out spirit!

news : EuroMusic Contest 2014 : voting has started!


EuroMusic Contest 2014 : voting has started!

3, 2, 1... vote ! The race is on, and quite a few of your favorite Jamendo artists are competing... so there's no time to waste! Voting will close on May, 10th 2014. To vote, all you need to do is to go on the EuroMusic Contest page of the artist you're rooting for. You can vote once a day. And don't forget to like and share their pages too! And for the latecomer artists, don't worry! Registration is still open until May, 10th 2014 (midnight) !

album : Nanofly



Ten years down the road and the Greek electronic duo is hypnotizing people’s minds more than ever… After 2 years of meticulous studio work, Stelios and Iov return with a new set of challenging sounds, meant to create unfamiliar feelings for the listener. Welcome to the mesmerizing world of StrangeZero.

album : On The Beach


JonayOn The Beach

His last project "Skydiving", crowdsourced in collaboration with Jamendo, became an anthem for skydivers around the world and his most successful song… Now Jonay is back on the ground, relaxing on the sand! On "On The Beach", the Swedish singer brings a Californian vibe to his bouncy hip-hop, and created an awesome video out of collaborative Vine clips.

album :


C3S"Pass The Mic": the official compilation of C3S!

Jamendo supports the C3S initiative, a fair collecting society aiming to explore new markets, to seek out new possibilities for alternative cultural models. Here are 18 tracks from Jamendo artists, all gathered to give a fresh impulse to music culture. Check it out now!

news : Musica Tap Jamendo Edition is out!


Musica Tap Jamendo Edition is out!

It's finally here! We're unveiling the awesome free mobile game Musica Tap Jamendo Edition on iOS! Discover the first round of songs from: We Are FM, Josh Woodward, JLT, DJ Spooky, Kellee Maize, LukHash and Emerald Park. Could this be the coolest thing in the Jamendo experience? You bet!

album : Reversible



The French Touch influences have been long digested, and now Parisian electronic duo InShape rushes in with a first EP that will surely destroy everything! "Reversible" is an intelligent display of beat distortions, huge saturated bass lines tackling melodic hooks and leaving the listener completely captivated. Check out this amazing "dirty electro" newcomer!

news : CALL TO ARTISTS: join the EuroMusic Contest!


CALL TO ARTISTS: join the EuroMusic Contest!

Tired of the same old Eurovision? Take part in the biggest music competition ever created in Europe, on the web and on TV! Register NOW until APRIL 10, 2014 and make your way to the finals, a live-streamed concert in Paris in June in front of +1,000 people! Click below for all the details!

album : New For Me


Michael McEachernNew For Me

California-grown Michael McEachern has started making a name for himself in his new town of Nashville. Everyone, let’s make his name a household name worldwide! His first EP “New For Me” is simply sensational; with buttery-smooth vocals and a soulful pop sound comparable to artists such as John Mayer and Dave Barnes, McEachern displays phenomenal maturity for his young age and mastery in songwriting and recording.

album : Monometric



Another French beat master has joined our community! With "Monometric," Kognitif offers great diversity of styles that are beautifully scattered over perfectly produced trip-hop and abstract hip-hop sounds.

artist : Lyonn



Tyler Gelrud, aka Lyonn, comes from Southern California, and brilliantly avoids the overrated and overused pop music formula in his songs. With beautiful vocal lines and chord progressions, he comes off as an inspired and talented young songwriter.

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