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Antony Raijekov is a bulgarian musician who is working in field of music since 1991. He is studing jazz piano at Vienna Konservatorium, Austria and before that he was studing classical piano in Sofia, Bulgaria. He compose music for several theatre perfomances: The Fireplace, NightSongs, Return, etc. He was invloved in several musical bands in Bulgaria: POPARA, Acoustic Sound Lab. and colaboration with V. DIkov. Currently he is based in Vienna, Austria.

For his work he has been awarded Electronic Music Award in the category ‘Electronic and computer generated music’ on the 16th international competition ComputerSpace 2004, ‘Musician of the month’, July 2004 by the music community. Award for MEDIABOX - interactive audio-visual installation artwork under creative commons licese - ComputerSpace 2007 / OpenIdeas Company.

He is member of Jamnedo, CCMixter CC portal,

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