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Band members:

Helga Eriksson — vocals, composition, keyboards, synths. Yuri Khonelidze — arrangement, keyboards, bass guitar, synths, mixing, mastering. Alexey Nikitin - drums.

Argonika (dark electronica, trip-hop and downtempo) is a studio project started in January 2001 by a female vocalist and songwriter, Helga Eriksson*, and a male synths player/sound producer, Yuri Khonelidze.

Helga and Yuri developed their music ideas during online music collaboration that took place on one of Rocket Network studio servers. Their collaboration resulted in recording Argonika's debut album, "Rainbow Hunter", which was released in 2005.

*Helga Eriksson is a pseudo name of Elena Stepanova, Russian musician and composer specializing in electronic and experimental music.

More songs, mixes and info are on the band's web site!

Elena Stepanova on Facebook:

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