Leo Bowers

  • Origin: United States - Columbus
  • Website: http://www.leobowers.com
  • In existence since: Mar 1, 2008
  • Profile managed by: Leo Bowers

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The Music of Leo Bowers expressed through video and slides. All music is original and monitored by AdRev for monetization. Visit my Youtube channel and subscribe.








Leo Bowers is a BMI affiliate and copyrights on file with the Library of Congress Copyrights office. Eventhough I may no longer be a part of some of the Jamendo programs that BMI may conflict with I can still offer free downloads and stay in touch!








Some Creative Commons licenses are available and others by written request. At "Safe Creative" you may search my works by typing in "Leo Bowers" and submit a request to license the song or songs of your choice.








Jamendo is the leading provider of free downloads whereas Reverbnation houses my music, blogs, videos, mail-list and gives current local, national and global rankings.








Youtube has allot of my music embedded in video slide projects and of course there are a few live takes.








My site at The Music of Leo Bowers is open to members where the advantage is direct contact, downloads by Jamendo, and access to the physical musical product being delivered to your home via Kunaki or direct mail.








At my store - clicking the "buy my CD" link takes you to Kunaki which allows for viewing the physical product by opening and rotating. But if you just want to kick it with me my members and guestbook is always the best method of getting the communications ball rolling. There's so much more, but text along with my aging mind is only capable of giving a limited amount of info in one sitting.








Why just join my mail-list when you can join my home site, be seen , heard and become familiar? So much to choose from, choose what's best for you, choose it all, or nothing...it's your life-do you!

















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