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Getting comfortable with a video format that works with Jamendo's Blog is no joke! I got "It's Alright to load and have had no luck with the others, but still trying. I guess life wants' to make it hard for me so I can get the maximum experience from the lesson learned.I've had some really great reviews here and I really get into the style of RangerSeriesBlack. If I could afford to hire someone to do promotions and public relations work I'd have to look him up for sure. He writes like a seasoned commentary professional you'd find heading up advertising and promotions for major networks...totally blows me away...that's a good thing!I'm only now beginning to get into a little deeper experimentation with Jamendo's site tools and really bumping my head against the wall trying to figure out how to use them with a degree of efficiency. Needless to say at the moment I have a head full of bumps and knots and I'm hoping to get a good grip on it before I knock my brains out!Right now it seems I have stuff just scattered all over within the Jamendo domain and I know doggone well there's a method to mastering Jamendo operations so I'll make my own manual from trial and error because I find it hard to operate under the directions available they just elude the heck out of me. Anyway, Blog and video integration along with all the implements contained therein will be keeping me busy for awhile. Thanks for your patience! Really!
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