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**Disclaimer** I am not a professional musician in any sense of the word. These songs are not polished.  They were recorded in my bedroom which is the same place they were written.

That being said, my songs are about my path with the Divine Spirit. My journey inward and therefore outward.

My hope is to be able to share my stories through these songs with those who may or may not know me. It is my hope that just maybe they may bring some sense of peace and comfort as we each travel our own paths.

In each song, you will hear my dogs Banjo and Bean as my back-up noise makers.  That's just the way it is here. Pretty real and funny stuff.

Many of my songs reflect my love for the Divine in the feminine form.  However, I know the Divine as the All.  Both masculine and feminine.  The One of Ultimate Love and Beauty who is completely outside of and beyond our boxed view of what we believe to be masculine  and feminine.  

My Goddess/God is Love. 

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