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General Information

Catherine Corelli – (Lady CCC) is a singer, composer, teacher (vocal, elementary music theory, composition, improvisation, arrangement), songwriter, artist, designer, author of: handmade mirrors  ”Catherine Corelli Mirrors”, mugs and cups with the author’s paintings by Catherine Corelli, various accessories and jewelry, graphic works, illustrations, Corelli’s greeting cards, as well as paintings produced in mixed technique, combining marker and acrylic paint. Born in Russia, Moscow, from an Italian father and a Polish-Russian mother in 1987.

Catherine Corelli’s music is a peculiar blend of several styles: nu metal, acid jazz, alternative, ethnic, down tempo, brutal metal, rap core, symphonic etc.  In her singing Catherine uses a large palette of vocal techniques such as: clean vocals, low growling, split vocals, screaming, yodeling, high-speed rapping etc.

Early Works

Catherine’s early works were several piano opuses (sonatas, etudes, images), but the more she studied music theory the more she tried herself in more and more complex music shapes. At this early period (1995-1999) it’s necessary to note the influence of a number of famous composers, such as Sergey Rachmaninoff, Alexander Scriabin, Sergey Prokofiev, Dmitry Shostakovich, George Gershwin, and Frederick Chopin.

About 1998 Catherine’s music assumes a new ‘pop’ twist. This is the year when the first brit-pop songs were born; most of them were arranged for keyboards, guitar and simple drums. And this is the time when Catherine experienced the influence of such famous bands as Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, Queen, Nirvana, and Oasis.
Later in the end of 2000, she meets Dmitry Maryshev, a talented guitarist, and together they form a two-musician project called ‘Method of Wounding’. With mutual efforts they compose their first songs, which sounded much like classic-rock and heavy metal, yet after six or seven months of work they try themselves in producing more complex and intricate music forms that are obviously more relative to progressive and art-rock. These songs were written in Russian; however, in the future they were force to cancel doing that plainly because of the stylistic incompatibility and inconsistencies of Russian language with this style of music.

Through Dmitry Maryshev Catherine studied the works of several guitarists, such as Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Al Di Meola, Ingwee Malmsteen, and such bands as Dream Theater, Megadeth, Stratovarius, and Metallica.

The project ‘Method Of Wounding’ went through numerous bass players, drummers, keyboardists and as it never received a completed form, collapsed in 2002.


From that moment until today Catherine made her career alone.

After a long pause came an instrumental album ‘Heaven Syndrome’, which was finished in 2003. It sounds something like electro-jazz, electro, electro-pop, ambient, and instrumental at the same time.
This album doesn’t have even a slightest touch of metal, alternative or rock, though it was written under the influence of Joe Satriani’s guitar music. Moreover, it doesn’t contain a single live sample, and there are no guitar parts in it at all.
Simultaneously with the creation of this first complete album Catherine began to study Vocals in a Music College (2002-2007).
During this period Catherine’s music suffered numerous changes. She left behind her ‘soft sound’ and soon (in 2004) attempted to make a progressive metal album ‘Adelina & Zita’. All the lyrics were still written in Russian, yet she didn’t release the album, because it was really too hard to find good musicians that would be able to perform this technically difficult music. So finally this album, as well as the next 3CD album ‘The Countess’ Destiny’ (2005) wasn’t published even in the network. Moreover, the quality of the mixing and mastering wasn’t high enough, because Catherine made all the work from the beginning to the end, including lyrics, arrangements, sampling, and composing and simply couldn’t  overtake a work of a whole band and a number of sound engineers all by herself.



Since then, until 2007 Catherine worked hard looking for creative and technically good musicians for her project, yet for one reason or another, the band didn’t form. Most people found her music too complicated for commercial promotion, and therefore pointless to Russian realities, while at the same time, the technical and imaginative complexity of the music remained the main difficulty.

As a result, after a complete progressive-metal album ‘Evolution’ (2006) (the album still has no lyrics in it), Catherine came to a conclusion that the most reasonable decision in this situation is a so-called “one-man-project.

In the end of August 2006 she started to work on a new large project called ‘Overcome’, which was conceived as 2 CD album. But only now, in 2011, the first part was finished and published on The album’s structure was revised, so in the end it will have three parts, each a full length album.

Thus, in 2008, Catherine completed and published online the first nu-metal album ‘When Painkillers Fail’ and two years later the ‘Killed Alive’ album. Also in 2010, she released an experimental album ‘Seraphic Tears’.

In 2008 Catherine Corelli returned to her ‘soft sound’ and made ‘I Tell You What’ just because she likes to work on different styles and genres and not only in metal or rock. ‘Through the Gehenna’, a rap, urban pop, ambient, acid-jazz, and alternative album was but an expectable sequel in a long chain of her ‘soft-sound’ music series.

Over the last five years Catherine Corelli made plenty of ordered music arrangements. For the last seven years Catherine teaches vocals for her private students, as well as music theory, arranging, and music composition. Over the last three years she’s also actively engaged in painting, design, fine arts, she participates in art exhibitions, creates designer pieces such as mirrors, hand-made accessories etc.
In addition, Catherine has some literary works. She wrote a two volume ironic grotesque fantasy novel ‘Letters’ as well as literary variations on some famous computer games (currently she’s working on a free interpretation of the plot of the game Warcraft III and The Frozen Throne).

From time to time (since 2007) Catherine gives performances in Moscow clubs. In the nearest future Catherine will be back on stage as a solo artist and also as part of the ‘Goethe’s Children’ project on keyboards, sampling and arrangements.

Sometimes, for fun, Catherine makes cover-versions of famous songs of well known artists such as George Michael, Placebo, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Radiohead, Green Day and several others.

In the future Catherine plans to gather a multinational band that would be able to play any kind of music, from nu-metal or death-metal to pop-music, jazz, rap and even symphonic and chamber music and give live performances in each country of the world.

One way or other, she does her best to make really rich and deep music, and perform it the best way to everyone who needs it. Every piece of music, every word in her songs is addressed personally to every living man or woman on Earth to every heart and soul. And this is the meaning of her life, the main reason and the main motive.

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