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The Veit Club was founded in spring 03 by Claudia, Leo - and his sons Julian and Benjamin. Marvin, their cousin, was interested in playing drums - and Sarah, his sister, was interested in playing keyboard. So they started to rehears in autumn 03.

After some gigs in Liechtenstein they recorded their first tracks at the Mamba:ton Studios (Feldkirch/Austria). After the first recording session in August 04 Sarah left the band. This first recordings were released on the EP "Ther very best of nothing". The recordings were continued in December 04 and the CD "Outlines" was released in January 05.

In January 06 TVC taped their first video "There She Goes" in the icy forests of Switzerland. They took part in several band-contests - though they don't like it - and lots of gigs in Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. TVC hoped to earn enough money to finance the next CD - but this didn't happen. So they started to record the new songs all on their own. The album "a dedication" was released in June 2008.

In 2009 the album "Let Go" was recorded and released. Then Marvin left the band by the end of the year. But The Veit Club carries on and they already started recording their 4th album - with Julian on the drums.

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