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I have loved music since my childhood and from early on I have been making sounds/music.
Around seven years old my father got me into DJing. From this base I developed making my own music, with synths and groove-boxes, like the ROLAND MC 303. 
By the time I was nine I got my first computer, a COMMODORE VIC 20, then a VC128 and later an AMIGA 500. Since WINDOWS 3.11 I work on PCs…..maybe I should change to a MAC! 

One of my secrets is the Cosmic Octave Tuning. You can read more about this atwww.planetware.deand if you are a musician - you should try it out and tune in.

I am resident at the Half Moon Festival (www.halfmoonfestival.com) where I play my inspirational, chill-out, ambient lounge tunes, with psychedelic roots and a bit of krautrock for sure.
Jody Stoddart is the first featured artist that I have worked with - this is a really special partnership. Jody is an outstanding guitar player whose feel for music is incredible. Complimenting my music perfectly, Jody helps bring it alive on stage.

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