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UPDATE: 07/04/2014

Wow time sure has passed and I still haven't posted any new music...I apologize for that. Hopefully by next year I will have my project ready for you! it will be big and I just wish I could have it ready right now! Thank you all for your patience (to those who are keeping track of me :P) To my new listeners, thank you for the support, I see that even though I've been absent, my music is still making a bit of traffic on Jamendo and being loud in your homes, iPods, Cell Phones or CDs, lol a BIIIIIG! thank you to all of you for your support. I'm still here and trying to prepare my next project, so stay tuned because I am still around :) PEACE!!!

UPDATE: 02/11/2013

Hi everybody! I hope that 2013 has started great for you and I hope that you all have enjoyed my music in these past two years on Jamendo.com. As we're started 2013, I hope you all continue to enjoy it and I can't thank you enough for the support. I must, however,  advice and/or warn you, that my music is free! and it has been freely distributed here on Jamendo and on torrent sites and other websites that promote free music. I recently encountered a website that was actually SELLING my music and that is not fair, not for YOU and not for me and not for Jamendo.com. I contacted the owners of such website and they removed my music but please keep in mind that the music is distributed along with a license that specifically details, that is not to be distribute for commercial purposes. With that said, again...please enjoy my FREE music and have a fantastic 2013!


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