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Feveria photo

 Hello and welcome to my artist's page.

To be honest, this is the second time I upload anything on Jamendo, the first time was in 2007 when "Past Time Reflections" was created.

Now I'd like to upload more content as I created some by this time.

I also want to share a story with you. Last summer I planned to travel abroad and earn some money for new keyboard as old one didn't meet my needs anymore. So I sold old ones. But unfortunately, due to reasons independent from me I didn't go anywhere. So I ended with no job, no money and no keyboard.


Recently I started cooperation with my guitar-talented friend, and we plan recording some really cool pieces.


Because of that, I'd ask you to help me gaining little money for new keyboard controller. Any donation will be approved and I am really thankful for any amount - will it be 5,10 or 30 euros. Also, for any donation above 10 euros, I can send you a physical copy with dedication of any album I uploaded here.


I hope you enjoy my bit of music :)


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