General Questions
What is Creative Commons?
Creative Commons are licenses that enable musicians to give away their music for free while protecting their rights. They are easy to use and compatible with internet standards, and allow rights holders to authorize (or not) certain uses of their music, such as commercial uses and derived works.
What is free music?
Free music is music that is not managed by performance rights organizations (PRS, ASCAP, SOCAN, BMI, BUMA, JASRAC...). Artists choose to protect their rights through specific non exclusive licenses such as Creative Commons. 'Free music' doesn't necessarily mean free-of-cost or devoid of any rights restrictions, it means "some rights reserved". Artists define what rights they grant on their music through their choice of license.
How can downloading on Jamendo be free and legal?
Jamendo can be free and legal thanks to Creative Commons licenses. They grant the right to download and share music for free and legally. Artists choose to use these licenses, and to use Jamendo as a means to share and promote their music.
Can I use music from Jamendo for commercial uses?
Jamendo can offer licenses for commercial uses of music (synchronization for advertising, film, television, documentaries, websites or any other multimedia application). Of course, those uses aren't free - Jamendo guarantees fair remuneration for artists. Clients will receive a certificate from Jamendo attesting the music's origin. For more information, contact us at license@Jamendo.com
Can I use music from Jamendo for non commercial uses?
Jamendo offers free streaming and download of music published under Creative Commons licenses. On Jamendo, artists grant use of their music for private uses free of cost.
What do I do if I stumble upon a track that seems to be copyrighted?
You have a doubt on the origin of a song or track? In spite of our vigilance, some tracks that are protected by copyright (samples, covers...) may end up unduly published on Jamendo, even though they do not comply with Creative Commons specifications. Do not hesitate to contact us at contact@Jamendo.com, we'll take necessary measures.
Technical Issues
How do I create an account on Jamendo?
It's quick and easy! Just follow this link http://www.jamendo.com/en/login/signup, pick a username, a password and enter your email address. Don't forget to accept our Terms of use. You will then receive a confirmation email containing a link to activate your account.
How does the upload process work?
It's easy! Just go to the upload page http://www.Jamendo.com/upload and add your tracks in our online interface. Once your tracks are sent, you can name them and place them in the order you like. After that, pick an artist name, upload your album artwork and choose the Creative Commons license you want. Your album will then be processed by our moderation team as quickly as possible.
What do I do if the upload fails?
If you are having difficulties uploading your music, you can contact us at contact@Jamendo.com, giving us the following information:
  • the link to your user account
  • the link to your artist page (if it has already been previously created)
  • the type of browser you are using
  • your operating system (Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS X, Linux...)

Our support team will be in touch as quickly as possible.
What do I do if I can't upload my album artwork?
Make sure your image is in JPG or PNG format.
When will my album be published?
After it's uploaded, your album will be moderated by our team who will publish it as quickly as possible.
When will my account be credited?
We transfer funds from your virtual account (visible in your admin page) to your PayPal account when it reaches the sum of 100€, in order not to multiply transfer fees.
Artists' Area
What do I get as an artist on Jamendo?
Jamendo is the world's #1 platform for free and legal music downloads. Publishing your music on Jamendo guarantees you efficient referencing on the web, which will increase your music's visibility. Thanks to our community of members, Jamendo also enables you to get feedback on your music from around the world. You can check your popularity through detailed statistics. You can also opt in to commercial programs to get money and extra exposure.
How can I promote my music?
Jamendo has many ways to get artists' names out there and provides you with several promotion tools:
  • by uploading your music to Jamendo, it will automatically be available on the main peer-to-peer networks
  • spread and share your widgets across the web
  • opt in to commercial programs to get a chance to make money and increase your visibility (it's free!)
  • keep in touch with your fans and invite your friends to share your music

Don't forget to fill in your artist and album descriptions: the more information you give about you and your music, the more visible you'll be!
How and in what format can I upload my music to Jamendo?
The formats we support for the upload of audio files are .wav, .flac and .aiff. These formats guarantee better audio quality.
What are Creative Commons licenses and their advantages?
Easy to use and compatible with internet standards, these non exclusive licenses make it possible for rights holders to authorize certain uses of their works. They can choose to allow or not commercial uses, derived works (remixes) and generally set the degree of freedom they want to grant web users on their music.
What are my obligations towards Jamendo?
You don't have any obligations or exclusivity clause with Jamendo. You simply distribute your music for free according to the Creative Commons license you chose. You can delete your account at any time, and your music will be deleted from Jamendo.
Can I publish a cover of a song I didn't write?
No you can't unless the original song was published under a Creative Commons license and you respect that license. If the original composer did not choose this type of license, you cannot publish a cover of the song under Creative Commons because you do not hold the rights to the song.
Can I post my music on Jamendo if I am a member of a performance rights organization?
Unfortunately, no. Most contracts established by collective rights societies are exclusive and therefore don't allow artists to give away their music for free on the internet.
Can I add tracks to an album that's already been published?
You can add tracks before the album is finalized to be published online. Once it's been validated, however, you can't add any more tracks.
How do I get my music playlisted on the official jamradios?
Get your music heard by the greatest possible number of people, within Jamendo and outside. Reviews, listens, number of posted widgets, links pointing to your albums: all these make for vital statistics that increase the chances your music will trickle to the ears of our radio programming team.
How do I get more visits ?
Get as many links out there as possible pointing to your albums and your artist page. This includes widgets of your albums on blogs.
Also remember to let your fans know when you post new music on Jamendo and invite them to listen, download and recommend it!
How do I get more fans ?
Fill out your detailed artist profile, upload a photo, write your bio and post your lyrics!
How do I get more promoters ?
Get campaigning on the internet: get your fans to propagate links and widgets pointing to your albums on as many sites as possible. Also inform media and main bloggers about the fact your music is available for free download on Jamendo.
How do I get more active fans ?
Create your blog on Jamendo, write posts about your news and concerts, post links to your albums and artist page, as well as widgets.
Then share your blog with your friends, fans and the Jamendo community.
How does the statistics interface work?
Jamendo offers several tools to track the number of listens and downloads you get, as well as many other statistics!
You'll find a condensed version of these figures on your artist and album pages.
Then there is a more detailed interface you can reach from your artist page.
If you notice any discrepancies between the condensed and detailed stats, don't be alarmed.
The data shown in the detailed interface takes into account all the parameters concerning your artist account.
Here are a few examples:
  • Favorites: your interface distinguishes an album being added as a favorite or an artist. The figures on your artist page do not make that difference.
  • Playlists: your statistics count the number of members who created a playlist containing at least one track of yours. On your album page, they are all mixed together, if you have several albums, if your album is playlisted as a whole, etc.
  • Page views: revenue share includes album pages. Detailed stats take into account all your album pages and your artist page.
  • Visitors: unique unlogged visitors are counted since the interface was released. We do not have data for the period before that.
What is SafeCreative?
SafeCreative is an organization through which you can prove your musical works were composed by you at a certain date. They provide you with a certificate that will be visible from your album page and for each of its tracks.
How do I donate my money to an organization?
You can transfer your earnings to an organization or cause you're supporting. To do so, go to your admin panel and indicate the PayPal account of the organization you're supporting instead of your personal account.
Members' Area
What do I do if I can't access my account?
Make sure you didn't misspell your username or password. Also check that you confirmed your registration through the link that was sent to you by email. If the problem persists, please contact us at contact@Jamendo.com.
How do I make a donation to an artist?
First, you need to ensure that the artist accepts donations by checking that the "support this artist" button appears on their page. Clicking on it will open the payment interface. You can choose to pay through PayPal or with a credit card.
How do the radios work?
Thanks to our radios, you can listen to good music without having to look for it. At any time, you can download the track you are listening to or add the album to your favorites, while continuing to listen.
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