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About this album

  • Published: Jan 12, 2006


Tryad is one of the world's first 'virtual bands.'

Born of Creative Commons and, the members of Tryad :: vavrek, arna, rjmarshall, John Holowach, and emma meet and create music entirely over the internet.

During 2005, for over nine months they collaborated, all without having ever spoken to each other (only e-mailed), and produced a strikingly original work.

Combining elements of trip-hop, alt. rock, classical instrumentation, and electronica, Public Domain breaks the mold of what you'd expect.

From the hard-thumping bass, drums, and chorus of "The Final Rewind," to the mellow, drifting sixties beat of "Peace On Earth (Same Place)," to the stinging madness of "Dance of the Urbanite," there's something here for everyone to appreciate.

Bands and artists like Portishead, Depeche Mode, Rob Dougan, The Beatles, Moby, Massive Attack, and many others mish-mash together in this profound audio journey...


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Oct 18, 2006

try^d nehmen die DNS eines Stückes, vermengen sie mit der DNS eines zweiten Stückes und kreieren somit ein neues drittes Stück. Ganz so einfach ist die Formel nicht, es sind nicht immer nur zwei Stücke, schließlich stehen ja auch ungezählte Stücke zur Verfügung. Ob das illegal ist oder nicht? -- Spielt doch keine Rolle, sind doch Independent Artists, die dürfen das, die dürfen alles -- so die Aussage des Intros. Und ich als Hörer bin Independent Listener, also was soll's. Rechtlich gesehen also ein ziemlich mutiges Projekt, musikalisch gesehen sehr hörbar, mir persönlich ein bisschen zu poppig -- liegt das nun an try^d oder an der DNS? Selbstredend an try^d. Manchmal laufen die Loops kurzzeitig in verschiedenen Tempi und man hört die Artefakte des Resamplings, aber insgesamt ist dies trotzdem: Sampling auf extrem hohen Niveau.

Commercial music, lick dirt!

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Apr 19, 2008

I was afraid. That's right! I was afraid that this album might dissapoint me just like the multi-starrer movie 'Oceans's Twelve' did 4 yrs ago, like the surprise defeat of 'Indian cricket team' in the early rounds of the 2007 'World Cup', like the defeat of 'Roger Federer' by the hands of 'Novak Djokovic' in the 'Australian Open' tennis tournament earlier this year....... I was the 27000th user who downloaded this incredible masterpiece. An extensive and creative hardwork done by the artist via internet and that too so flawless! My 'Tryad' journey starts with this album 'Public Domain'. So much has been written about this album --- 'Public & Perfect Domain', 'Not so bad' etc. In my view, any fan of 'classical pop' music will find this album very smooth and great on ears. All the tracks are laden with various 'ambient' sounds mixed with the finest quality 'industrial' & 'rock' music. The vocals are full of emotions and energy. If you concentrate only on listening this album, which I think is an hour long, you will find yourself sitting in a movie theatre relishing a 'thriller' movie. Almost all the 17 tracks impressed me. But the 'cream' of this album are: 'The Final Rewind', 'Our Lives Change', 'Peace on Earth' (I get goosebumps listening to it on full volume :-P), 'Dance of the Urbanite' (Amazingly realistic!), 'Beat Into Submission', 'Witness' & 'Seduction'. Overall a 'lovely' and 'perfect' musically 'entertaining' and 'engrossing' journey! 10/10 msd [;-) :-P]


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Mar 29, 2009

Great Music,thank you for listening to this :) Just downloading it and will enjoy for calming down!! Perfect sound,perfect voice,perfect produced!!


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May 12, 2006

de l'electro trip hop de tres grande classe !! sublime ! un des must de jamendo !!

Worth a listen

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May 14, 2006

Listen to this album. Can't wait for more.

Great start

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Jun 7, 2008

Sampling memory is by far my most favorite track on the album, though by no means my only favorite :) The concept for creating the album is great, considering how much inter-personal drama leads to the collapse of bands, I can see this becoming more popular.

Bon album

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May 24, 2011

Muy bueno ambient

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Mar 31, 2007

Un gran álbum. Música electrónica suave, agradable y con gancho. Hay temas muy buenos, como "The Rising", otros que sobran (intro y outro) y otros que no encajan con el resto ("Dance of the Urbanite"), pero el resto (y son unas cuantas canciones) son muy buenos. Altamente recomendable.
Giuseppe Salzillo

Si può ascoltare

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Sep 26, 2009

good idea...good sound...good voice...but some problem in the mixing and arrangement...