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  • Published: 2011-12-29
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Reviews for "Season One"

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Alles richtig gemacht

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Ich habe mich extra angemeldet um einen kleinen Kommentar zu dem Album zu schreiben, denn das ist das Mindeste was man machen kann, nachdem die Musik kostenlos zu haben ist. Gute Ideen, gut gespielte Instrumente (tolle Basslinien), guter Gesang (auch mehrstimmig), guter Mix aus Rock und Elektro, alles abwechslungsreich in einem modernen, stimmigen, druckvollen Album verpackt. Wer meckern möchte würde sagen, die digitalen Effekte und Klänge sind manchmal zu vordergründig. Mir gefällt es, es klingt fröhlich und zeigt den Mut zum Experiment und zu neuen Klangwelten.


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One of the best albums here on jamendo. Listening to this at home, on the go, in the car. Awesome music. Very energetic. Hard to point out best songs, but I really like Press Record, My World and God Save The DJ. Very nice cover art aswell. Will listen to everything you will do in the future. Greetings from Poland.


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I absolutely love the whole album!!! You guys have a great sound faving you right away!! people must hear you!!! Well done! you have a fan

Yep, you guys really are FM... fantastic musicians. And the same goes for the music... fantastic.

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Father (bursting through the door of his child's room.) - "Will you turn the volume down... I'm trying to listen to the news on the TV, downstairs in the living room and I can't understand a word of what they're saying." Son - "Didn't you once told me that it's rude entering a room without knocking... and you want news... well, I got some bad ones for you: this is my room and I ain't turning the volume down." Father - "Oh yeah... I've got some news for you, too. And I also think that you're not going to like them, since your room, just happens to be a part of my house." Son - "Oh yeah... and you don't forget that you are also my father and have to set examples... and stick to them. What about, if one of these nights, I burst through your room when you are "body talking" with mom, just because the bed is squeaking and I can't sleep." Father - "Say, son... what was really the name of this fantastic band you are listening to?"

Good album

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Geweldige plaat. 'Dance' is echt een tof nummer, professionele kwaliteit. Gaaf dat jullie dit spul onder Creative Commons vrijgeven.

Excellent album

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Quand la musique est bonne, FM ou autre, je me régale. Quand elle est accessible pour tous, je me dis que le monde est en train de changer. Vous autorisez les travaux dérivés ? Ca devient un monde merveilleux ! Excellent album electro pop? rock, un bon groupe avec de bons musiciens. Merci


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Track : Dance

This is a very nice song :D
Plappernder Kaplan


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Das macht Laune, Musik die frisch und unverbraucht rüberkommt, einfach sauber!
paul fehsbook


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Track : No Words (Director's Cut)

Mehr braucht man nicht zu sagen. Einfach Spitze der Song.


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Musik die gute Laune versprüht... Wenn die Oranje-Kicker genauso gut wären, hätten sie vielleicht eine echte Chance, dieses Mal Europameister zu werden ;-)