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by Zero-project


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About this album

  • Published: 6 Jan 2012

"Untold stories of a dying moon" is the last work by zero-project, which combines different styles of music; from ambient to darkwave and from piano music to electronic, keeping a sense based on moonlight-filled piano melodies. From the sentimental "The secret passion" to the dramatic "Into the darkness" and from the nocturnal "Moonlight No. 1" to the passionate "Romance", this album is a music trip among the feelings which appear from the darkness and fulfill with colors our existence. But the main question is: "Can you see the colors into the darkness?"... The weak light of the moon can help you to find your own answer. Search into your own darkness and you may find your own colors, your own feelings, because the darkness is the vail of the feelings' colors. Feelings we have felt, or feelings which are waiting for us to feel them. If you want to read the story behind this album, you can visit the interview page on the Nadina Boun's site. The song "Appassionata" was based on a poem by Lilian Bourani:

"Old figure
which no longer fits
into this night.
Half of you is missing
and you are hiding your other half
behind the passers’ shadows.
So long has passed since I last
lit such a full moon
in order to make you desire of me".

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Reviews for "Untold stories of a dying moon"

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Speechless . . . in Awe . . .

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7 Jan 2012

Zero-project . . . this album takes my breath away .. .. I was so moved and inspired . . . the music was pure liquid poetry and incredible beauty . . . >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< With drama and dreams . . . passion and wings . . . the shadow of the moon covers the heart of the watcher . . . with an ache of longing and love . . . He floats in the blackened embers of space filled with brilliant white light and eternal grace. . . a fire built on angel's breath cold and lonely marked and scorned . . . and yet with a solitary heart that burns . . and yearns as he circles his love . . He dances alone . . . while those that bask beneath his glow seek first the rainbow that halos his need . . . and drown beneath his tears . . . of sorrow and joy . . .


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8 Jan 2012

Talento Musical Incomparable! Se necesita mas que ser músico para hacer semejante música, se necesita "un talento especial" Felicitaciones, un álbum espectacular.


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20 Jan 2012

De una calidad excepcional. Perfecto en todos los aspectos, es sin duda, un trabajo perfecto !! Muchas gracias por compartir esta maravilla de forma desinteresada.


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7 Jan 2012

Wonderful album, beautiful music. I congratulate Nikos ...

Comme d'haibutde, du grand art.

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7 Jan 2012

J'attendais la sortie du nouvel album de Nikos depuis la publication de "Fairy Tale 2". Et je ne suis pas déçu. J'ai acheté son album en flac sur son site, et je m'en suis fait une copie CD. Et c'est vraiment abordable, loin de la chose infame qu'on essaye de nous vendre sur les radios qui ne sont plus que des tuyaux utilisés par les majors pour nous empoisonner les oreilles avec du préformaté. Merci à Nikos pour cet album.


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27 Jan 2012

un très grand moment musical, bravo...


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25 Jan 2012

Was soll man noch sagen? Zero-project eben... Klar,harmonisch und genial.

I love it

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28 Jul 2013

Track : zero-project - 01 - The dance of the shadows

Breathtaking music...made me little bit weep. This is what i like...When music makes listeners feel something they never felt before. Amazing.Thank you for this stunning music. Great track,one of my favorites. Like a fairytale.


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9 Mar 2012

Очень хорошие композиции. С интересом наблюдаю за творчеством данного коллектива. Отлично! Так держать!!!