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by Anitek


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About this album

  • Published: 2012. 1. 9.

***After Downloads....please change track order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Project Monarch

The 4th album from Tab & Anitek and breaks new ground
for the duo musically. Each track was a full collaboration between the two
producers even though they weren't in the same country for the recording of it.
Ideas were bounced back and forth between the US {NewJersey} and Switzerland until
the project was complete. The result is a visual blend of genres and styles that
plays out like the soundtrack to a science fiction novel.

Merlot Downer - Inspired from Pink Floyd's  "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun"

***Tab's Jamendo Page, with his own solo releases***

***Special Thanks to Hernan Faraci for helping out with the album cover, some guitar***


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  • Don't use this album for commercial purposes
  • Distribute all derivative works under the same license

Reviews for "Tab & Anitek: Project Monarch"

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Absolutely Excellent . .

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2012. 1. 11.

Glamorous . . with the deep echoing shine of night-time music . .. a smooth pace under the rapid drumming, punctuated by an insistance of bright melancholic brass . .. like the sound of distant radios, like a dream, fuzzy voices . . . wispy sounds . . . ribbons of sound like smoke weaving in and out . .. a haze perfumes the dreams painting a patina, an aurora filling the atmosphere . . A long and lonely night sitting in a shadowy corner of a bar . . hidden lights are dim, shaped with color . . the music shimmers against the walls where old photos sleep . . . Voices of women and men softly chatting, mix with the stale smell of anxiety and the popped bubbles of wishes and dreams . .. . . . The music knows me . . . as if an old friend . . I have long not seen . . wraps its way around me . . . enveloping me in amber colored memories reflected through the eyes of ancient pain . .. once masqueraded as sin . . A poetic impression I received as I listened to this wonderful music . . . A genius sound quite exhilarating . . . and emotionally fulfilling . . . Excellent . .
Michelle Poesi

Хороший альбом

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2012. 1. 10.

Hi!Very,very good!I like it!Bravo!

Prawie doskonały

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2012. 1. 31.

Super sound, very well done productions! :)


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2012. 2. 7.

I love this album. It is really great. The art work is outstanding. I have to say I find it hard to nail one track but Blue Bird would come close.


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2012. 2. 9.

very atmospheric!


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2012. 1. 10.

Excellent albums :)


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2012. 1. 10.



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2012. 2. 4.

This album is simply magic


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2012. 3. 14.

Je reviens redéposer une critique cela fait maintenant plus d'un an que j'en n'avais plus écrite. J'ai noté beaucoup d'influences musical comme chinese man et d'autres du même genre, avec également un style thievery corporation. Ce qui rend cet album beaucoup plus riche que la boite de conserve indigeste qu'on nous sert aujourd'hui. Merci à toi anitek....... Continue -Mj-
dirty dj

l'empire des sons

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2012. 2. 18.

bienvenu venez découvrir ce fabuleux kabuki cosmique composé par anitek minimaliste mais bourré d'inventions je ne sais pas sur quel type d'instrument il joue mais j'appelerai cela la feeling machine
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