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by Kellee Maize


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  • Published: 2012-12-18
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Torrents not available, where is OGG?

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MP3 . can't be true. Where is the torrent to spread this music?

Groovy album!

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Professional produced and easy listening. Good songs with important messages, listen to song #2 (12) for an example. For cool groovy bass listen to song #9 (Listen) or #1 (In Tune). Maybe the best song IMHO is #11 (Peaceburgh), very groovy and I just love the background synth sound! Very nice!!! This is one of the best albums at Jamendo. Thank you Kellee for sharing! It's much appreciated!

Excellent album!

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J'adore toujours autant découvrir les albums de Kellee Maize. J'aime particulièrement les titres: "In tune" et "Three of life" qui ont un petit air de Nikky Minaj! On peut rêver d'une collaboration prochaine avec David Guetta!
dirty dj

howlin' maize

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superbe album surement celui de la maturité pleins d'ambiances dont miss kellee a le secret beaucoup d'inspiration on est sous le charme mais que font les majors avec leurs oreilles

Great! (as usual)

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Just when you think Kellee Maize can't get any better, she goes and puts out a new album! Good beats, interesting rhythms, nice use of sonic textures, intriguing lyrical images, and of course, her great voice! I don't usually have much rap or hip-hop on my mp3 player. But a playlist ain't a playlist without some Kellee Maize in it. So well done and catchy that it transcends. Hard to pick a favorite from so many tunes this good, but "In Tune" and "Tree of Life" stood out for me on the first listen. Check it out!

Owl time!

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After a deeper listening, I love this girl! I'm owl-ling too, this is not a joke, eh? Honest! Nice to know that we are not so alone!

Very good. Thanks Kellee Maize for making it under CC-BY 3.0 on your site

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For any of you who want the CC-BY 3.0 version of the music, get it from Kellee Maize's website. Here on Jamendo it's distributed under copyleft but on Kellee's site you get it under a much more free license, the Attribution 3.0! Thanks Kellee for delivering quality free culture music!!

Superbe artiste

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franchement elle mes la misère autres artistes des grosse majors. avec peut de moyen on retrouve ici une artiste "pro,engagé,classe,et surtout qui partages ses superbes musique" dernier album génial que du bonheur. voici sont site pour les fan:

Originally Released on 12/12/12 on FrostWire

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Awesome release by one of FrostWire/FrostClick favorites! Featured on our software in a week she already had more than 20,000 downloads. "Owl Time" is the most diverse album of them all; a hip-hop gem with influences taken from electronic, dance, sometimes even experimental music, it will definitely play tricks with your senses. Stylistically it was "Shake Dat" that turned to be the biggest surprise to me. Downbeat & Hip Hop? Oh yes, it works!


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Very well produced and an addictive pleasure to listen to. In the words I can hear an earnest plea for folks to tune into themselves on a deeply personal level. To become aware of how they relate to the community immediately around them, and what their impact is on our new global society. The quality of the work is a testament to the community of people behind the album-sounds like this is truly a labour of love.
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