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About this album

  • Published: Dec 13, 2007




A trip trough the electro, IDM and experimental side of Vate

"Vate’s new album (Volt) came out harder and darker into the electro music. These experimental tunes create a thick robotic atmosphere."


"This release from Vate is really top notch stuff. I dont know if its just cause i have been out of contact for a while, but this really just hit the right note with me. The first track ("Turismo") is just really trippy and really reminds me of the "trancy" stuff from the early 90's with a 2007 overhaul. The second track ("Orient Stress"), which is also featured on the previous release from Vate, has a pulsating tribal rhythm with growling basslines set to a slamming breakbeat. Almost industrial in some aspects. These billowing basslines continue through to the next track which is also a standout track. "Hertz" drops into a more minimal-IDM style and it slowly progresses into more distorted IDM sounds from here onward. Overall the album is fantastic and its highly recommended. Even if its just for the first few tracks as not all of them will appeal to everyone."
Netlabel Review

"The experimental sounds and atmospheric synth make excellent background music while reading, writing, or drawing. This album reminds me of Skinny Puppy at their best because the sound is haunting and inventive."

From the very beginning of the record one finds that it is the same old good Vate we like so much. Turismo, the first tune of the LP is Tour de France of the modern era, when car rallies replaced bicycle ones. I have already written about the next piece, Orient Stress, and I can only repeat that it's the most energetic one composed by Vate. Highly recommendable mixture of industrial samples with electro mood. Mundo Libre is a little bit similar. Still nice beat and melodic keyboard. Hertz has a great, radiative mood. Info is too similar to the tunes from previous Aeronautica..., but for those who do not know this album it still may be catchy. Watt is a very mechanical tune with one keyboard melody being very much intruding and engaging. Amper is quite the oppposite, very ambiental and etheric. The eponymous tune is quite Autechre-like in its beat and composition, with only one a little bit annoying sample. Yo soy maquina is another obvious Kraftwerk-tribute in name, but more experimental in style. Summarizing, Vate created another extremely interesting concept album, dealing mainly with electicity. Something like Kraftwerk's Radioactivity on the jamendo scale of course. The cover is great so it's ten form me this time. I suppose it's Vate's Opus Magnum, as for now of course.





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Jan 10, 2008

Good job ! This album is dedicated to Kraftwerk! Representative of what it announces, magnet cold and alive, this album want to be more succeeds and more complete. I will move towards old album to listen to the difference! Cheer
Acid Reflux

Good Electronica

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Jan 9, 2008

This album is pretty relaxed for the most part. If you like chill electronica you should try this album out. It has some decent vocals, something that most of the electronica albums on Jamendo do not have. Good beats, vocals, and solid basslines are what make this album what it is. Nice job Vate.

esta bueno

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Oct 3, 2009

pues eso que está bueno

La référence a kraftwerk des précédentes critiques se tient;-)

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Jan 19, 2008

Le mixage mastering m'a d'abord retenu (c'est très propre, rien à dire). Ensuite les compositions en elles même ravivent mes heures à passer à écouter quelques grands de l'electro. Du tout bon. (en fait je ne verse pas dans l'éloge outrancière car je jalouse la maîtrise technique;-) Avec sympathie ReeBow


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Jul 30, 2008


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Oct 19, 2008

Un sonido muy bueno, "electrizante".

Shockingly good...

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Apr 12, 2009

Turismo brilliant, I can see the comparison made elsewhere with the new Tour de France completely. Orient Stress is simply wonderful. Mundo Libre continues the adept skill with which this album appears to have been put together with. Totally recommended already and I'm only on the third track, though admittedly working my way backwards through the Vate repertoire for some reason. I try my best. This third track reminds me of Kraftwerk, and is a tribute not only in name but style. Beautiful stuff that dreams are made of. Hertz is right on my wavelength, though this album has foxed me a couple of times when I have tried to listen and review, something else has turned up to distract and deflect me from my quest. I have a lot to listen to, with just this artist. Anyway, so far so good. Info gets off to a good start, I like it (not having heard the earlier Aeronautica, so not seeing any similarities), and am enjoying the consistency of the force majeure. What Watt is, is what all electronic music should be, and herein is, and that is dynamic. Electronics are about the manipulation of energy into soundwaves through appropriate instrumentation, which appears to be well handled and organised in this album, which remains bright throughout it seems. Amper starts with an apocalyptic boom and engenders a world where only the machines remain. Nice soundscape. Bleeping ambience. The title track, seems to continue the ambient nature of the previous track, but now it's post-apocalyptic resurrection. The amp growing into the volt and so on upwards to the point of symbiosis perhaps. Yo soy maquina seems quite desolate, as if the last hope for humanity has faded. Great album.


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May 9, 2009

This is real great elektro music. Like the old Kraftwerk with the darkness of Front Line Assembly. A tribute without getting too nostalgic. "Volt" is my favorite track, but each track has something special. Love it.

Buen álbum

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Jan 30, 2011



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Mar 26, 2009

buon lavoro