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by paniq


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About this album

  • Published: Sep 29, 2008

"Neurons: Fire At Will" is an instrumental electronica album, containing songs written between 2004-2005. It consists of four sections, separated by style: a.) uplifting/quirky, b.) straight four to the floor, c.) funny tracks, d.) ambient and downtempo.


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Reviews for "Neurons: Fire At Will"

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Fantastically well produced techno

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Jan 16, 2009

This album is essentially in the William Orbit syle, in fact if this was labeled as his work, most people would believe it. Nice use of a Commodore SID sample (or module/plug in). The mix smooth, yet the dynamic range is still reasonable. And I LOVE the robot lyrics A promising career in remix work lies ahead! Andy W


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Oct 1, 2008

Fouillé ! Torturé ! Corosif ! Riche ! Barré ! Boosté !... bref, tout y est. C'est super péchu et entrainant, les idées fusent à tout va. La grande classe. Très Bon SON !!! Chaque morceau contient plusieurs titres, tout comme j'aime....... Bravo!

a 'buy'

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Oct 5, 2008

this is a must have for all electronic music fans

der Hammer!

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Feb 27, 2011

Wie kann man nur so unterschiedliche Musik machen? Da weiß man ja bei keinem Lied was einen erwartet! Sehr schön hab mir schon einiges vorgemerkt! Alles mag ich nicht, aber das ist ja auch kein Wunder bei der Bandbreite!
Giuseppe Salzillo


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Sep 30, 2009

It is stronger than me: I like it! very eccentric music....


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May 28, 2010

Ist das abgefahren Geil! Mehr! ;-)


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Dec 22, 2010

Прикольно играють!

macht verrückt

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Oct 5, 2008

The title of the album itself accounts for half of the points I'm giving. I just love it. And then there's still the music. Just another great discovery on this portal. This is probably the one paniq album I like most, but that shouldn't keep you from listening to the others.


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Apr 24, 2010

hört das I love only you mit 130 statt 135 bpm eine welt für sich

Well crafted techno... but someone should ban vocoder

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Apr 6, 2011

It's a very good techno album. As the artist says in the description, this recording contains a mix of tunes in different styles. But that's not a problem. All tracks are creative, production is flawless - just read the other reviews. So why such a low rating? The answer is: a vocoder. Someone should ban this. I really hoped that the most pitiful invention in the history of music, which is able to kill even the most interesting tune, passed away in disgrace along with the 80s. I was wrong. Lately it crawled out of its grave and started to haunt different musical genres, scaring people with its decaying flesh and rotting bowels. I know some people like it, but for me it is pitiful. It has its place in Kraftwerk's tunes, but that's it. Really. We have 21st century, for Zeus' sake. Your song won't turn into another "Das Model" just because you use a vocoder. So don't. Save the mankind. Fortunately, only a few tracks on this album are vocoder-"enhanced", so I encourage you to check it out, cause except from this issue it is really good. Edit: After re-listening to this album I came to the conclusion that the above review is too harsh. I still hate vocoder, but firstly - it is used only in two tracks and secondly - it's use on these tracks is justified, because the artist tries to imitate the sound of 80s. Therefore, I raised my rating from 6 to 8. And once more I highly recommend this album - mixing so many genres shows how talented paniq is. From breakbeat, through 8-bit, plain techno, crazy and funny experiments in the middle up to the ending downtempo tunes - all is great. Every genre that he touches turns into gold. I dare him to try some Village People kitsch.