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by Corrientes

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About this album

  • Published: 2009-1-15




Corrientes - Underlying Truth 

1. Thinking Back 
2. This Old Town 
3. You Know 
4. El genio 
5. Layers 
6. Little Bits of Energy 
7. As Close As You Think 
8. La orilla del mar 
9. A Child In Your Eyes 
10. Underlying Truth 
This album was recorded and mixed by Ivette Torres-Albano aka EV 

Mastered by Nathan James @ The Vault Mastering Studios in NYC 

EV - vocals, guitar, keyboards 
Tom - Bass 

Joseph Rodriguez - lead guitar are the song Underlying Truth 

David Beasely - music for As Close As You Think 

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Me gustó "La orilla del mar".

Latin influenced indietronica

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The wonderful warm sounds of Corrientes, great to hear!
Sonic Mystery

Alternative pop with some latin spices

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Nice fusion! Creative optimistic work! Thank you for sharing!
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