playlist artwork#12 this weekWe´ll never decay

by Longed for Fusion


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  • Published: Jun 5, 2009
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Po prostu - Dobry album

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Jun 22, 2009

Mała porcja przyzwoitej muzyki. Konkretne metalowe tłuczenie, z melancholijną i melodyjną nutą. Momentami przywodzi mi na myśl klasyczne dokonania Theatre of Tragedy (acz zdecydowanie więcej jest dynamiki i tzw. rockowego kopa). Dla mnie osobiście należy się duży plus dla wokalistki, która w każdym z utworów śpiewa inną manierą i przedstawia inny styl śpiewania, przez co pokazuje, że potrafi odnaleźć się w nieco odmiennych (choć nie drastycznie odmiennych) klimatach, a tym samym muza zespołu jest ciekawsza.

Move Right On Over Evenscence.... WE Are Here Now

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Jun 10, 2009

Hell Yeah.. this band even thou it's only a two track for now.. are out of this world, brilliant. With awesome, powerful, metal,that is dark, dramatic,haunting, gothic,sounding and ace tracks to simply check out. With a female front leadsinger.. who has a voice, just made for this type of music. And a great band to back her up, that can really play their instruments. I can't wait to check out more from this band. The guitarist and drummer on this band. Kick Ass... And I love the male vocals as well, you hear at time, they suit the female singers vocals to perfection, as she sings as well mostly to him.


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Jan 27, 2010

OUI EXCEPTIONNEL .Sans doute le meilleur groupe métal sur Jamendo actuellement. Vivement la suite !!


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Jun 23, 2010

Me gusto, excelente buenos riffs pesados y la voz de la chica excelente.


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Jan 13, 2010

Great music, I like these songs. Greetings Jens

It's hard, it's good.

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Sep 9, 2009

I like this powerful sound and hope to hearing more songs.

Caught me by surprise in shuffle

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Aug 16, 2010

The way I usually experience my various, nearly-random Jamendo downloads is to put every MP3 I own in a single playlist, and listen to it on shuffle. The track "Gayas Eyes" stormed out of nowhere (between David Schombert and Bert Jerred) and just completely FLOORED me. I quickly checked who I was listening to, hustled back to to read more, and my first reaction: DISAPPOINTMENT!! What do you mean, only two tracks?! I demand a dozen more! Longed For Fusion is amazing.
silence under scaffold

einfach (und) gut

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Mar 4, 2010

Auch wenn gewisse Stilmittel (female vocs und tiefer Gesang) klischeebehaftet erscheinen mögen, so fallen sie im positiven Sinne so nicht auf sondern gehören als wertvolle Zutat zum Song dazu. Dies gilt auch allgemein. Die Lieder sind frisch und wirken nie um Außergewöhnliches gezwungen, und gerade das macht sie so stark. Der schnelle Background hält dabei die musikalische Spannung aufrecht. Für mich sind keine Schwächen ersichtlich, wenn die Qualität über ein ganzes Album gehalten werden kann, wäre das ein starkes Stück.


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Mar 22, 2010



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Sep 9, 2009

Great sound...Great Musicians,,,,Great!!
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