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About this album

  • Published: May 7, 2009

One of my friends describerd the sounds of Above the Clouds as

Electronic soundtracks for post-industrial sunsets.

I couldn't say it better myself.

The album has 6 tracks, each is a bit different. The first three are ambiental, spacy, chill out themes. Should be listened alone in the dark - may take you to another, peaceful galaxy. :)

Second half of the album has more energetic and fast paced tracks. The Ghostmaster is even based on some oldschool techno drum themes, which is very different from the first part of the album. Create a Storm is like a psychedelic rock song, with live bass, and live sounding drums. Listen to it carefully, it is likely to Create a Storm in your brain (as a reviewer wrote). :)

You can also find the songs here:

First track, "Above the Clouds" is also available on YouTube: see visual

"The Astronaut" has his story on YouTube: see here

The mobile ringtone version of the songs are available here.

All reviews are warmly welcome. 

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Reviews for "Above the Clouds"

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Good album

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Oct 7, 2009

Nice album. Worth of listening among hundreds of fresh trash. And I'm in love with piano <3


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Mar 11, 2009

So, this was good! "Above the Clouds" was a commendable ambient with a pretty melody. I liked "The Astronaut," a somewhat spacey theme with an interesting beat, and some pauses with gongs and other unique interludes. "T-infinity" was very good, I liked the composition, instruments, and the tempo. The piano in "Fighting Happiness" was great. I think that track was my favorite but I have to listen to the last two songs to see. Track five, "Create a Storm" is stupendous, very lively, very powerful sounding, and unusual. Yes, I think I have a new favorite with that electronic psychedelic number - quite fine - quite hypnotic. I believe the artist did create a storm - in my brain. At the end is the techno-industrial song, "The Ghostmaster." This one was quite impressive. And perhaps my favorite. Hmm - favorites!


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Jul 28, 2009

About your album:

bien tranquille

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Jul 24, 2009

ta musique est la bien venu dans notre monde agrésif trés bon boulot


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Aug 21, 2009

nagyon jó pihentető zene.

Impressive flying

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Dec 28, 2009

Well done ambient music, I can imagine to rehear it in a movie or in an unearthly sci-fi computer game. The tunes are picturefully and visionary, floating like an illusion. The next time when I will read a Cyberpunk story, it will be the music what I listen to feel more futuristic mood. The video for "cloudy" (such as I usually mention my favorit song of you: Above the Clouds) is nice and has a full synergy with notes and rhythm of the music. I'm curious about your next album.


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May 16, 2010

It is a really great album! And it's a special delight that one of my favorites - "mindthings" - also praised the work of my Hungarian compatriot. Dear p.a.p. you are very modest, it is far more than "not so bad". Your music was flowing through not only in my ears but also in my mind and soul. Thanks!

Just this . .

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Apr 16, 2011

grazing through the fields of clouds the music carries the listener above the common grounds and gives a tranquility that is precious and profound having a sigh of satisfaction wrapped in a soothing blanket of peacefully created compositions the listener can relax and let the moment take care of itself .. . . ************************** perfect for relaxing moments . .. divinely created . . . heaven's inspiration . . .

Coup d'essai, coup de maître

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Aug 15, 2009

(English version below) Above the clouds se présente, si l'on se fie aux tags Jamendo, comme un album de musique newage, chillout électronique. Je trouve cette classification limitative. L'album mérite plusieurs écoutes pour en tirer l'essence même, la musique à l'état pur. Dès l'introduction, par le titre éponyme, on est absorbé par cette atmosphère unique, totalement atmosphérique, minimaliste sans jamais être minimale. Les sons s'installent, nous baignent et nous massent doucement l'esprit. Le voyage peut commencer. The Astronaut ensuite enfonce le clou. On flotte dans un océan de timbres douceureux, d'échos parfaitement maitrisés. Une réussite que ne rejetterait pas le maître du genre, Brian Eno (Ce titre me donne une irrésistible envie de réécouter Appolo de Eno). C'est beau, onirique, doux sans jamais être mièvre. Ambient, oui, mais avec un groove très lent mais bien présent. T-Infinity, avec son introduction de bruits de vagues, vent et un piano, est peut-être le plus beau titre de cet album. Le savant dosage entre le piano, les sonorités électroniques et une ligne mélodique qui s'incrustent dans notre cerveau et y reste longtemps àprès la fin de l'écoute révèle à coup sur un véritable chef d'oeuvre. Fighting Happiness, avec son style presque pop, déroute au premier abord après la transcendance de T-Infinity. Mais très vite, derrière des harmonies qui rappellent un peu les années 70, on retrouve cette originalité et une vision onirique de la musique. Create a Storm possède un groove puissant, bien que très lent. C'est le titre le plus électro de l'album, avec des influences rock psychédélique, période 1965-1968. L'échaffaudage de sonorités est absolument parfait et bien en place. Un titre qui ne déparerait pas du tout dans une compilation Buddha Bar. Très classe, élégant et subtil. The Ghostmaster, qui conclut le voyage, nous réveille peu à peu de cette forme particulière de trance hypnotique que les autres titres avaient induits. Le parcours peut s'achever, et l'album passer en boucle, sans jamais lasser. Pour un premier album, c'est une réussite totale. A consommer sans modération aucune. Le plus bel album ambient que j'ai pu découvrir à ce jour sur Jamendo. == English version == Above the clouds sounds, if one relies on Jamendo tags, as a newage, electronic chillout music album. This is quite limitative to me. The album deserves multiple listenings to get the essence, music in its purest form. Upon introduction, the eponymous title, we are absorbed in this totally atmospheric atmosphere, minimalist without being minimal. Sounds settle, we bathe and massage gently mind. The journey can begin. The Astronaut then drove the point home. We float in a sea of smooth sounds, fluid echoes really mastered. A success that would not reject the master of the genre, Brian Eno (The title gives me an irresistible urge to listen to Eno Appolo). It's beautiful, dreamlike, sweet without ever being soppy. Ambient, but with a slow but alive groove. T-Infinity, with its introduction of noise waves, wind and piano, is perhaps the best title of this album. The mix between the piano, electronic sounds and melodies that lodge in our brain and remains there long after listening reveals a true masterpiece. Fighting Happiness, almost pop style, failed at first after the transcendence of T-Infinity. But soon, harmonies recalling 70's sounds and pop, revamp the title / where this album is "Album of the Day"

Buen álbum

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Sep 13, 2009

Me ha encantado esta producción.