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by James Edwards


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  • Published: 2009-11-27
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Reviews for "Christmas Bells"

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Nice acoustic guitar for the holidays

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This album has some sweetly played acoustic guitar Christmas Carols - all nicely presented in this little album. This is some wonderful music to set as background tunes during holiday activities or to get you in the mood for them.


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Thank You So Much !!! Merry Christmas !!!

Bon album

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merci pour ces moments de guitare acoustique sur des chants traditionnels et bravo !

Very festive

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and beautifully played and recorded. Thank you and merry Christmas.

Heaven Entered Into My Heart & Soul.. Especially At Christmas Time. A Time Of Joy, Goodwill, & Love To One & Another.. True Spirit of Christmas Is Felt & Heard..

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This is by far, one of the best high caliber acoustic guitar albums. I have ever had the simple pleasure and utmost bliss. in hearing play and feeling it. gently but calming, play and ooze such sweet perfections into me and make me feel filled with such tranquility of grace and smoothness. That touched the inner core of me. And to purely rest for awhile, and made you feel such heavenly happiness, joy and overwhelming contentment. That will made you smile, feel great and stress free and relaxed beyond any mere words or actions after me writing this review..
Paul H

Nicely played

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Very enjoyable. Thank You, and Merry Christmas

Silent Night is my favorite!

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This is fantastic for the holidays! I absolutely love it. thank you for giving me something to listen to while I wrap :)


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J´aime beaucoup l´effet de la guitarre. Pour un Noël plein de souvenirs!


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Flamenco guitar doens't get any better than this.

Gutes Album

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Sehr schön und verträumt. Irgendwie sehe ich winterliche Landschaften mit von eiskristallen glitzernden Bäumen an einem zugefrorenen See an mir vorüber ziehen. Dann und wann ein Kirchturm mit einem kleinen Dörflein drumherum gescharrt. Dann wieder tauchen Weihnachtsmarktstände vor meinem geistigen Auge auf, dick vermummelte Leute, die sich mit einer Tasse heißem Getränk wärmen, zusammen stehen und die Weihnachtsstimmung auf sich wirken lassen. Hach, einfach eine Musik zum träumen und in romantischen Weihnachtsbildern schwärmen!