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by StrangeZero


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About this album

  • Published: 04.03.2010

Newborn Butterflies is the 5th official album, written, performed & produced by StrangeZero in 2010.

The album was engineered & mastered at SZ & Alakom studio.
The cover is an illustration by anapt.

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Our deepest Love & Respect


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Reviews for "Newborn Butterflies"

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StrangeZero - anything but zero

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Mainly spheric trancelike music with an excellent choice of citations/spoken words. Dynamic music, produced professionally, sometimes with a slightly melancholic tendency. About the outro "All Of Us" What a strange coincidence that it took this album to lead my attention to this profound reminder, a speech of a child, Severn Suzuki, at the UN Earth Summit in 1992. (Lyrics: ) StrangeZero succeeded all so well embedding this speech in an appropriate musical frame. 9 for the music, 10 for the work as a whole. Well done intriguing album cover btw. Verily recommendable! Thanks so much for that truly amazing gift!

A Laudable Performance!

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This is a crackerjack of an album! Expertly orchestrated and swelling with effervescence. A pure delight in every sense of the word. Filled with surprises it sparkles and dances. Every track builds on the track before it completing the landscape. Thank you for this inspiring music!

Wspaniały album

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Bardzo ciekawy album, wykonany naprawdę na wysokim poziomie.


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Быть может я поддался настроению текущего момента, и ваша самореализация посредством музыки вошла в резонанс с моим текущим состоянием. Быть может я рехнулся. Но это. Эта Музыка. Эти звуки. Эта девушка у микрофона. Этот редкий бокал алкоголя в моих руках... Всё согласованно и гармонично. Спасибо Вам! Желаю творческих успехов! Миру-мир, войне- хуй!
Doc Endless

Gutes Album

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Entspannend fliessender Sound und im besonderen nicht überproduziert. Mag ich mehr davon. Greets Doc Endless

Amazing picture and music !

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I just love the ambiance of this album ! Please continue ! ;)

A Stellar Album

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What can I say about this stellar album? All the songs fit together like a puzzle, a life, a world, magnatized with a force of strength, integrity and creativity. And the music had a powerful beauty which held me mesmerized and resonated with me causing me to believe that hope will bloom again in the form of a song . . . any one of these songs . . . and humanity will continue to grow in peace.

Possible future

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Tout a été dit Tout a été senti on restera amis Soi-même comme reflet Que nous renverra le miroir Seulement plein d'espoir Et si on avait tord Dans tous les sens on se tord Un morceau par ci Un autre par là C'est comme ça, je vais ici C'est ainsi, tu vas par là Si on pouvait voir l'avenir Et même si tu peux le dire On verra que c'est comme ça Que l'amour c'est souvent comme ça Et que sans, il fait toujours froid

Electronic music can be thought provoking

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Track : Ikebana

Amazing song, with amazing lyrics: The corn fields dot the hill sides, where once there were hickory and chestnut.


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Mi piace... è come camminare in una folla agitata sotto la pioggia, ma trasmette serenità ! La copertina rispecchia le sonorità: apparentemente semplice,molto bella,ricercata,non ha bisogno di colori. GRAZIE PER LA CONDIVISIONE.
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