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About this album

  • Published: 2007-9-13
Electro Progressive, Trance, Dance. Mon album le plus rythmé à ce jour.
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Reviews for "Sit Down & Dance 2.0"

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YE MEN !!!

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Du rythme à gogo, du bon son qui nous fait bouger. De la techno/trance/dance de qualité. La 2°, 3° sont vraiment bien. Merci.

Techno at its Best (the next Paul Van Dyk?)

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This album is the most accessible of JCRZ's 3 albums. It is fun, dancy, very pop and energetic. The melodies are simple and the electronic effects are understated. There are occasional voice tracks, but mostly it is electronic. It is straight/conventional techno, but the formula is just right. The tracks that jumped out immediately were: Dreamsequence and Attraction Zero, and also Rollercoaster especially. All three are hard and very fun techno tracks. One Day Ago reminds me of some of the Suzanne Palmer remixes (that voice certainly sounds like her!) Also notable was the more serene/dreamy Memory Lost which reminded me of Paul van Dyk. (so did Fallen Angel). I've been listening to jamendo for a long time (having starred 170+ albums). I would certainly rank this one in the top 10 albums I've heard on jamendo. In short: awesome!
samy cach

trop top!!!!!!!!!!!!

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un trés belle album a écouter en boucle j'adore!!!! vive la dance samy cach

Feelings Of Pure Euphoria, Bliss & Intelligent, Exceptional, Trance, Dance Music & Vocals. To Blow Your MInd..

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This is the best can of soundscapes of musical delights. That hits me directly inside the heart and soul. And resonates, pulsates and whirls and dances with my minds eye and the whole of my body and ears.. And gives me tingles and glows and shines deep bass notes and great use of sexy strong,compelling, vocals and nice electronic, trance,dance, music added to the awesome mix. That gives me such a buzz, and spectacular feelings of euphoria and ecstasy combine. On hearing this ace high caliber awesome tracks.. Simply can not ask for anything better..

Bon album

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L'orchestration est bien menée. Il ne manque pas grand-chose pour atteindre les sommets, un peu plus d'expérience peut-être. Bravo

Durch und Durch

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Hammer Techno Album.Ein muss für jeden Fan von Paul van Dyk usw.

Buen álbum

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me gusto mucho este albun,muy agradable,rico,felicitaciones!!!


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Tout a fait la dance que j'aime.J'en redemande.


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Track : RollerCoaster

Comme toujours j'aime