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by Bryan Dunn


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  • Published: 2011-4-2
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Reviews for "Vicious Waltz"

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Gaby Cardoso

Muy bueno

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What a good album. Melancholic and catchy songs, great voices and very well worked each track for me. I loved ``Television Song`` such ``Ordinary`` and ``Hollow`` is great. Also ``Ten Dollar Ring`` with the nice and sweet female voice. Cheers!


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Wow, your album is absolutely precious thing! I appreciate deeply your amazing work! All songs are incredible, from beginning to end. There are either funny and melancholy songs and all of them include a great vocal and accompaniment. Thank you very much! I really love your music!

Spectacular.....& Stunning Voice Of Bryan Dunn

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Wow..Bryan Dunn is his name..That is all, you need to know..And to be looking out for in, the future.. As this guy is incredible,and each songs...just gets better and better...Like a good bottle of wine..

Gutes Album

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Country vom feinsten. Ein absolutes "muss" für alle Fans dieses Genres.
ciro leonardo pereira marques

Bon Jovi, is that you?

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Track : Television Song

Mr Bryan Dunn, you sound like Mr. Bon Jovi. What's very cool! :D Keep up with the good work!

Prawie doskonały

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Jest tutaj wszystko co w lekkim rocku lubię najbardziej. Charakterystyczny wokal, przyjemne melodie i ciekawe teksty. Ogólnie ściągam naraz kilka zespołów danego gatunku naraz i zostawiam sobie te które są warte tego. Ten album na pewno sobie zostawię i będę go polecał. Great work Man!

Humble tunes

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Alt country music at its best - great influences, plenty of twang, beautiful harmonies and nicely varied. Stand out female vocals Ten Dollar Ring - great range!
Not From Georgia


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Thanks for some great little tunes. Nice production and very catchy stuff. Nice twist and turns in the writing, keeping me interested. Thank you for your music!