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Album Earthbound by Jill Zimmerman

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I don't have much motivation
and it takes too much to speak, so I'll just sing
I'm good at making conversation
but only when I'm talking in my sleep
I know enough to know what's normal,
and I know enough to know that it's not me
This'll come across as too informal
and too late and too early...

But all the rumors no one's ever heard are true
All true.
'Cause I I I have fallen
deep deep deep
in love with you

I don't allow free-range emotions
Yeah I like to keep the chemicals in check
I never drink the sweet love potions
And I never wear the lockets 'round my neck
And I find faults within the logic, yeah
when I listen to the Shakespeare scholars claim
that Romeo and Juliet was tragic
'cause Romeo and that whole thing was lame

But if it were you under that balcony, I'd read it through
'Cause I I I have fallen
deep deep deep
in love with you

with you with you with you with you

I wouldn't be the first to say it
And I'm not sure I ever really will
But I can write a song and play it
And maybe let it reach your ear
Oh I will take it back, deny it all, if I have to
But I I I have fallen
deep deep deep
in love with you

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maider fernandez


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Mar 5, 2014

I love it!!!!!
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