Tracing Arcs

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Started in the mid 90s, Tracing Arcs conspired to mix the elements that they said wouldn't. A respect and love for the "out there" of Miles electric period, the fragile beauty of Sylvian and The Blue Nile, that filmscore you heard that said more or married the images into something else. The sound adventures of Eno, Hassell, & Brook. The exploratory jazz/dub of John Martyn.

Fran Kapelle : Vocals/Lyrics worked as a session & backing singer with many artists such as Brian Kennedy,Ian Shaw, An Emotional Fish,Eddie Reader, Mary Coughlan, Carol Grimes, the Film 'the Commitments' as well as running her own dance label.

Terry Pack : Double Bass Previously bass player with The Enid, numerous session work with many artists/genres and some of the best UK & European jazz artists.His own cd "what happens now" available on Symbol.

Paul H.Addie : Keyboards/programming/bits & pieces

The Arcs have appeared on the 'best of' for Future Music magazine, and played support to bands such as Olive, The Cranes, as well as headlining themselves, at many venues incl The Powerhaus, Create Festival etc. They have been commissioned to write music both for the theatre and contemporary dance, and have had their works performed at The Riverside Theatre in London, other london and S.E England theatres, and in Milan. The Loop Dance Co, also performed to their works, and the Arcs have also written and performed at Art Installations/festivals

FREE downloads : Download demos & more remixes here for free - Tracing Arcs - UK - Electronica - Trip Hop - Ambient -

Tracing Arcs - 'fin' - remixes & lost children – Tracing Arcs – Listen free at


Read more about Tracing Arcs here

Our new album Eye See You Too (Remixes & Forbidden Fruit) is out now and a free download under a CC Lic at 23 seconds netlabel. Featuring remixes by Zengineers, Strad, Raganova, Flo & Jo, Mind Over Rhythm, and Tracing Arcs.

We are very pleased to announce the release of our new album 'Eye See You', on iD.EOLOGY netlabel. A free download under a CC Lic. 7 new tracks, also featuring Terry Pack (bass) and Violet M Williams (backing vocals

You can d/load the album -'fin'- on netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom (release No DWK 030) at full 320 kb

This is the original work from which the album Tracing Arcs - 'fin' - remixes & lost children was taken. This is a free download under a CC lic. available here :

In addition we are releasing a previously unreleased EP on netlabel MixedMode (release No MIX05)  This was mastered at Abbey Road Studios, and was recorded after a couple of years of gigging. And represents how we sounded live, with a bigger band. Again a free download under a CC lic.

available here :

We just wish to say a big thank-you for your support,help,advice,and friendship. Do let us know what you think of these releases. You can contact us here on Jamendo, or any of the links above.

Love and stuff........x

 Tracing Arcs appeared live at Net Audio Festival Berlin 2009

On Friday 9th October 2009 at Club Maria am Ostbahnhof




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