The TenGooz

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Our spirits soar high,but we are GROUNDED IN GROOVE!

The TenGooz play very soulful original music in a style all their own, which they have forged over the years- what sax player Michael Frei has dubbed WORLD FUNK.Their LIVE performances have been known to keep the dancing going for HOURS! 

Taking advantage of all the creative talent which has passed through the Tsukuba Science City over the years, The TenGooz have had an ever changing line-up.

On our latest release LET IT GO we have

Hase G on Bass

Thomas Mayers on Guitars

A-Chan on Drum

Julien Asalli on Sax

Avi Landau on Vocals

Though on the Track Oh, Yeah!

We have Tanaka on Guitar, Jon Hicks on Drums, Hase G on Bass, Avi on Vocals, and the great Sagara Kenya on Trombone

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