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  • Publicado el: Dec 25, 2012
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May 4, 2013

Grimov is an Ukrainian boy from the town Nikolajevsk and this boy is the best Ukrainian guitarist of the year and decade. But there was a long journey. He came close to music in 1983. He became a roadie of rock bands and he fell in love with guitar. He played guitar in many rock bands and in studio projects: FOXTROTT, DIALOG, BESTIA.... and once upon a time he started to play under his own name in Ukrainian and Russian clubs. Days and years were passing and more boys were on the board of GRIMOFF. The he real band was founded in 2007. These boys are playing heavy metal music. They know, how to connect hot blood and musicians´ experiences. The result of it is traditional heavy metal of perfect quality. Every headbanger and metalist should taste it! GRIMOFF´s music can pump energy and happines to everyones´ heart. + more links and info =
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