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por Maya Filipič


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Acerca de este álbum

  • Publicado el: Jul 30, 2008

As suggested by the title, this album is divided in two parts.

The "Stories from Emona" are my most recent compositions and therefore a part of my new perception of life, after leaving my studies. Emona is an antique name for Ljubljana, where I got inspired and wrote these songs.

The rest of the compositions are some of my older works, Fantasía being the oldest of them. It was composed during my high school period, while the last prelude (E flat major) was composed in my 1st year at university. I see these works as a kind of  "homage" to my favourite and ever-inspiring composers Chopin, Rachmaninov and Skrjabin.

All of the tracks were inspired by emotional events which changed something in my life for the better, bringing me to a catharsis effect in the end.


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very linear

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Oct 5, 2008

nicely played and some nice intro tunes but the songs are very repetitive: the same melodies end up appearing in all songs.


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Feb 21, 2009

La primera vez que la escuché me hizo sentir muchas cosas, cuando una melodia provoca eso en mi.. que no es fácil de hacer aclaro, es porque se convertirá en un conjunto de notas en extraordinaria armonía que marcará una época de mi vida y esta sin duda lo será, utilizaré este album sin duda alguna en mi boda...hermoso! sin mas palabras, MARAVILLOSO!

Prawie doskonały

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Nov 7, 2010

Świetna płyta. Przyjemnie się słucha. Warta polecenia każdemu na wieczór.
Marcos Cala

Del alma al corazón y de éste a tus manos

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Oct 16, 2008

Sentimientos a flor de piel y ejecución impecable. Tu música me hace sentir vivo. Gracias por ofrecernos esta muestra de paz y amor que aflora desde lo más profundo de tu ser. Sigue siempre así. Besos y buena suerte.


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Feb 10, 2009

This is such a simple, beautiful and lovely album filled with talent and good thoughts. Quite uplifting, a great album. Congrats!


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Sep 28, 2008

This composer has a great feeling expressed through these piano notes! I've reported an Opeth influence in Stories IV.. Great style and inxpiration!
loving you

Beautiful and elegant

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Mar 1, 2011

Very nice for listening.


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Aug 10, 2009

Thank you very much, Maya! You created wonderful music. I often listen to it with my little baby. I wish he listen to the best.

Très beau !

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Nov 2, 2009

Tellement de douceur et de sensibilité dans ces pièces ! Et surtout quel magnifique toucher au piano. Cela me fait penser aux ambiances oniriques de Gabriel Fauré. Bonne continuation à l'artiste !
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