Crete Boom

  • Origine: Irlande - Dublin
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  • Existe depuis: Aug 1, 2005
  • Profil géré par: Ocathais

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"Crete Boom...a rocky, poppy, jazzy quintet...laid-back saxy vibes and a singer who fidgets delightfully and manically on the spot while delivering zippy lyrics to zippy tunes" Johnny Craig, In Dublin Magazine


"ehh, a bit jazz" Ken Allen Faction Records


"Too many genres ... Boom of Crete, as a wild and unfortunately unausgegorene Tour de Force. But the song "Broken Teeth" was built in the 1970s-style psychedelia...convinced, as the band takes a lot of time here...the individual musicians have enough space to prove their skills ... If Crete boom weiterentwicklen their psychedelic game would be a profit." anselm,


Crete Boom draw on their myriad influences from the world of folk, blues, jazz and pop to create a farrago in the Zappa tradition. This first ep release is rooted in the soulful part of their repetoire with a little bit of psychedelia sprinkled in for good measure. Childhood heroes Judd Ruane Sr and PJ Duffy feature.

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