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The band VIBESONIC JAM from Slovenia was started by the creative core of the band Sleazy Snails which played in most venues all over Slovenia and received great reviews in the media. Vibesonic Jam decided to completely ignore current musical trends and mix various musical styles in order to pursue their vision. Their eclecticism includes styles such as hard rock, psychedelia, country, indie etc., sometimes all of them in the same song. The result is a unique style that builds its expressive power on atmosphere, controlled noise, melodics and the current inspiration of the band members. In live shows the force and richness of sound is upgraded by improvisations of the band members. Their first album is called Egotrip (Do-it-Yourself  project) and the title says it all about the goals and sense of what the band does. There is a limited number of copies available, the album can be ordered through the contact in Myspace:

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