• Origine: Italie - Palermo
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The first training group Sicilian, Zodio, dates the end of 70 ani founded by a young boy just 15 year old, with decidedly rock debut mixed passages through the psychedelic pop of those years, the continuous variation of elements that have formed the group was to establish the need for creativity that leads them to move discovery of new territories of expression as a adventurous musical journey.

ll need to explore new musical horizons pushes the group toward projects very different, the absolute anarchy and rejection of all conventional broadcasting system music. leads the group to walk the streets Alternative not infrequently performed in the street, in metropolitan middle-Europe, in cellars more smoky and filthy, numerous arrests. A vision of the damned music, has led them to cover all genres of music, today the group were 3 items of 3 different generations, a hallucinogenic vision of music.

Una grande varietà di musica, con elementi di sonorità particolari per trasportare l'ascolto oltre i confini del genere, dell'inquadrato.
 Una proiezione di suoni e anche di rumori in una genesi di nuove sensazioni.

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