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par Агния


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  • Publication: 26 avr. 2010
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Critiques sur "Самый мой"

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Xero Xenith

Great right from the first listen!

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3 mai 2010

First of all, I'm English and I don't speak Russian. But this album spoke to me. The overwhelming mixture of many genres of music, each fading out perfectly into the next, really made me sit up and listen (despite my utter inability to comprehend the lyrics). This isn't some schoolkid production, either; from start to finish, it sounds as good as, if not better than, most mainstream CDs - the kind you find at the shops! Something else about this album is that it seems great from start to finish, which is a real treat, especially considering the "great → okay → terrible → decent" transition we've all got used to. Because of the mixture of genres, it's difficult to place this anywhere in particular on the musical spectrum. I had a few ideas, but each of them turned out more ridiculous than the next, so I won't even try. =P One moment it's resembling a jazz concert, then closer to techno, then hard rock! It's truly something you need to hear to understand. Needless to say, this is now one of my favourite albums on Jamendo. Only time will tell if it ends up in my list of all-time favourites, but it seems likely! Fantastic job, well done :)

Playful robust pop.

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19 août 2011

A great pop-based album with ever so delightful vocals and catchy tunes.The whole album is in upbeat mode..Recommended!

Fantastic Album - I joined Jamendo because of this one

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18 août 2011

I'm also not Russian, but speak and understand a little of it. I have to say, awesome job with this one! The songs continued to surprise me with their creativity at every level - Words, rhythm, mix of instruments, variations from one song to the next. "Agniya" has a brilliant future in music. It was also particularly helpful to this non-native speaker that her pronunciation of the lyrics is very good (ie., not mushy or mumbled as is often the case in, for example, folk tunes). A link to a website, or posted lyrics would be helpful, though not strictly necessary. In addition, she has a couple of videos on YouTube, which can be viewed here: Best wishes to Agniya, and good listening for the rest of us!