playlist artwork#12 this weekTerrae Syphoniae

par Jako Jake


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  • Publication: May 7, 2010
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May 12, 2010

YOu are in for a blockbuster of a movie score treat here folks, clean your ear drums out, get a nice comfortable chair, and sit back and savour this masterful, delight heard. you sure are going to explore and experience so much with this one..An amazing, symphonic, modern classical, horror, demonic, devilish, creepy, crawly, whats behind you... scary stuff. All done to a high caliber. This really should be used for a movie score as its that good to say the least. it has passion, emotion, energy, drive, atmosphere and is so compelling you will be sitting on the edge of your chair from start to end on this one. Phenomenal, this is a master piece simple as that.. It will blow you away...