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  • Publication: 27.05.2010
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Heavenly Blue 999


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Haut la main...quel pro!!

Good album

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You have done a great album work. I like it very much! PERSSON

Great Collection of Very Listenable Tracks

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"AU-DELA" Wonerful soft blues with guitar overlay. The melody is held by an electric guitar with a second sometimes sharing and enforcing the melody. "LOIN DE TOUT" A very nice acoustic sound with a slow rhythm punctuated by a slow heavy pulse from the percussion. The fine plucking of the guitar adds a glorious sense of calm. "QUETAL TRAFIC" Great guitar riff with a natural weaving melody. This along with the percussion form a very listenable sound. I also enjoyed the "oh" "ah" vocals which barely emerged from the background. "QUETAL OU" Excellent rhythm and wonderfully strong soulful vocals. Almost a non-existing melody as it emerges and submerges occasionally. "FLUTE" Laid back rhythm with a soft melody. A great effort producing an excellent collection of very listenable tracks.